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Crew database: David Brock Cain
(Thank you to some other profiles for giving me a rough idea for a template. Feel free to comment on this if you wish.)

Full name: David Brock Cain

Physical Description:
Age: 36
Bloodtype: O-
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Ethnicity: Southern United States
Traits: smoker, claw school graduate, human torch
Distinguishing features: facial scar over left eye, burn scars on left hand and arm
Disabilities: May possess a mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Times cloned: Once

Personal Information:
Gender and gender identity: Male he/him
Birthplace: Unnamed mining vessel
Parents: Jeff Cain (deceased), Robin Cain, age 68
Current residence: no current residence, moved around as per employment agreement
Marital status: Single
Attraction: Women
Economic status: lower middle class
Education: One year of university (dropped out), Engineering apprentice program
Occupation: Engineer
Former Occupations: Custodial, Junior Security Officer program (dropped out), temporary promotions to Head of Personnel
Religion: Archaic Christianity
Personality type: ESTJ
Zodiac: Laughed when asked, but answered Leo.
Criminal history: Fined on two separate occasions for assaulting a fellow employee. In both instances, he maintained that it was justified as it was interfering with his job, and only after Security failed to intervene. First incident: unrecorded. Second incident: Fined for assaulting a clown while on custodial duty. Claimed the repeated drawing of bees was making it impossible to complete his duties.

Additional notes:
Has a fear of needles.
Can become irritable with those who do shoddy work, or people he terms "miscreants."
Favorite drink: whiskey neat (hardly ever drinks while on the clock)
Likes: money, getting paid, working out, reading, flirting with female crewmembers, meeting interesting people, doing his job well
Dislikes: dereliction of duty, job incompetence, abuse of authority, needles, being overworked

Central Command Employee Review:
David seems to have a good career ahead of himself if he continues on course. Initially hired for custodial, but has since applied and graduated from our Engineering Apprentice program. Due to staffing issues, was also selected to be acting Head of Personnel at select installations, and mostly carried out his duties satisfactorily. Punctual and takes his work seriously, and has demonstrated sound leadership and bravery in crisis situations. While he did drop out of officer training, I believe if pressed, could still be convinced to assist security on a temporary basis, as I think he has the temperament for it.
For supervisors:
Encourage him to try out new tasks and think outside the box. He's shown a capacity for learning and that should be encouraged. If you assign him a task, rest assured it will get done.
Things to look out/areas to improve:
While he seems to always prioritize his work first, he has been known to spend an inordinate amount of time flirting with female crew members, as well as using the claw machine. It seems the prizes he wins he gives as gifts as a means of flirtation. Directly confronting this issue would likely fail, but consider directing his energy elsewhere, such as learning a new skill or give him a time consuming project. Be sure to offer verbal appreciation upon project completion.
If overworked, pestered, or otherwise annoyed, (this always seems to happen from sources outside the department), he can become quite irritable, (see criminal history). Direct orders from department head can usually bring him back in line, but keep an eye on attitude and performance. Threats of withholding bonuses or a small break from duties have both worked in the past.

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