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Thermoelectric generator advice
So I've been playing engineer lately, and am having a lot of fun with it. I've pretty much gotten down geothermals and the singularity, but I have some questions about thermoelectric. While my fellow engineers have been quite helpful, (as well as the great mentor that helped me the first time!), it seems there are many different views on what is "safe" and how to go about it. I've studied up on the wiki, and even run a private server so I can practice. So, a few questions, and note I'm talking about standard char burns...don't think I'm ready yet for those massive hellburns.

1. In setting the pressure flow, I've been told to set the Hot loop points at 50, and the cold at 150. Is that optimal?

2. Set manual override on the blowers to 500 is what I normally do. Is that something you should do?

3. When connecting plasma to the hot and cold loops, I usually connect two tanks, but some engineers have only wanted one on each. What's the best way?

4. Even when I think I've done everything right, and the generator is reading both the loops as OK, after awhile, it starts making those sassy noises. It's never exploded or had a problem, yet, but is it supposed to do that, or is that sign something is off somewhere?

As of now, I'm really looking for answers that will facilitate the generator running smoothly with minimal oversight. I'd like to get that down before moving onto anything advanced. Also, anything I didn't ask or just general tips and advice would also really help me out. Thanks!

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