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The Plasma Aderators
something I was working on, realized I haven't posted em here... so... i will.
[Image: Plasma_Aderator_Showcase.png]
Aderator means worshipper in Latin (according to google translate) because their shell looks a bit like some sort of cultist hood.

So what are the Plasma Aderators? well they're eldritch worshipping, mollusk-squid-octopus-clam things from the plasma giant which through some means produce a Telecrystal in their shell they use to teleport and do psionics or magic or something.
I imagine they're generally not the most technologically advanced, the strongest, the most organized nor the most intelligent. But by god they're going to carry out their eldritch god's will. (which has a strange tendency to be interpreted by the cultists as going to that weird giant metal box with the 13 on the side those human things made, and screwing stuff up...)

If they had their own gamemode or something (which is VERY unlikely and probably will never happen) here's how I imagine it'd work: They start in their own custom cruiser (maybe a giant asteroid with a bunch of magic eldritch runes carved into it) and are each assigned or choose a class or something then they choose some objectives from a list and go out in their ship and screw with ss13. I imagine they wouldn't have as much ability to cause carnage as nuke ops or wizards so they'd be encouraged to be careful, work as a team, and probably also encouraged to flee back to their cruiser once people with actual weapons get to where they're screwing stuff up.

So yeah that's basically Plasma Aderators. A concept of mine of questionable quality
I like it but it sounds like the old martian madness game mode idea.
(09-04-2021, 09:51 PM)Hypertripp Wrote: I like it but it sounds like the old martian madness game mode idea.

it may or may not have been based on that...

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