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Hallucination replacements
About a year ago I worked on some new sprites and other changes to hallucinations, but eventually ran out of motivation and dropped the project.
Maybe someone here has a use for these, or can be bothered to make a PR to replace some of the old hallucination sprites.

DMI files are attached. Can also provide the files with all the layers, if requested.
[Image: UGED28P.gif] [Image: R0ErmJb.gif]

Killbuddy Video

Attached Files
.dmi   Killbuddy.dmi (Size: 833 bytes / Downloads: 85)
.dmi   Locker.dmi (Size: 2.01 KB / Downloads: 86)
The locker ones great, I'd imagine that screaming would work well with it too, or even the door crush sound (speed up a lil).

EDIT: actually hallucinating people getting crushed with doors, or things hiding in the door gaps would be a pretty spooky experience.

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