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Sec and the RP Server
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm exclusive to the Morty RP server, and figured it should go here. A little bit of background: I'm a relatively new player, been around about a month now. I played janitor for a very long time to learn the game and the mechanics, and more recently have really enjoyed the HoP role. I'm very much enjoying the game and level of RP with the community. I've recently branched out into Sec Assistant, as I've wanted to get into and learn more about the security role. There's a few observations I've made so far, and it really seems to be hit or miss with the fellow sec officers. At round start, I usually announce to the team that I'm a junior officer, so they understand I don't really know a whole lot yet. Two officers off the top of my head were very helpful. Showed me the ropes, made sure I knew how to get my equipment, run the desk, use Secmate, etc. Other times, I've been treated by the team as if I don't even exist. I'll use last night's round as an example, which by the way, ended up with about 3-4 changling antags running about:

Round start, I announce I'm the junior, and tell them I know how to man the desk and work the computers, but really would like to shadow an officer to get some hands on experience. I repeated my request, to which both no one answered. I decided to go out on patrol myself, which I communicated. After a few minor incidents, I notice the janitor in the bar just fall over and pass out, to which at first it looked like they were dying. I rushed them to medbay, and they recovered, no worse for wear. I reported this over Sec radio, said I was going to investigate. Not having encountered many changlings, both me and my character thought it was bad drinks being served at the bar as some sort of prank. I go back to the bar, interview the bartender and witnesses. Nothing concrete, but I'm suspecting the bartender may be up to something. At this point, I get a call for all sec to report in, for a lunch break.

I arrive late since I was finishing up my interview, I notice there are drinks and pizza on the table, and that we're all to drink up. Everyone, including the HoS, all drink at once. Since I was late, there was no glass for me. The rest of the team proceeds to pass out, the HoS runs off down the hall. I figured he did not want the junior seeing him pass out. It looks like everyone was dead again, just like the janitor. They begin to wake up, and the AI reports the HoS flatlined, but he shows up a few seconds later. I pipe in, and say all this is exactly like what I'm investigating at the bar. I get no response whatsoever from the team, and they all start to leave. At this point, unknown to me or my character, I think the changling actually stung all the officers, and used this opportunity to off the HoS and assume his form. Thinking it's the drinks, I resume my investigation.

Dead body is found by detective and another officer. As we investigate, I tell them again about my suspicions and how this all must be linked. No response. I'm not sure what happened in the meantime, but officers were being replaced, and I was set to arrest by one of them and assaulted by Beepsky. I asked an officer for help, and he responded along the lines of "I'm done dealing with you," which is the most I've gotten out of a fellow sec officer at this point. By now, my character knows Sec is compromised, and he meets up with his engineer friend, the only person he trusts at this point to warn them. Round ends, changling transforms on the shuttle and assaults everyone.

Now I relate this whole story, because for one, the changlings played a great round there. My issue is the sec officers seem to be ignoring everything and not interacting very well. Even a response to me such as "Oh, Junior, don't worry, we got it," would have been appropriate, but for the majority of that round, I was treated as if I didn't exist, and the officers weren't even communicating that much. I guess what I'm trying to ask here, is am I missing something or doing something wrong? Is it just a luck of the draw when it comes to Sec teams? As I said, it would have been much better had the team actually responded to what I was saying, even by brushing me off rather than just not responding to anything I say. With the exception of a few officers, I've also found I'm generally ignored when I'm a junior asking for advice or learning the ropes. Is there anything I can do, or this more a problem with the sec teams, or just my bad luck? Note that this isn't really a complaint, I'm just trying to learn about the job and the community.
sometimes you just get people not interested in talking or rping. its not a sec specific issue.
You seem to be doing well at leaning, keep at it, being ignored just happens from time to time, it isn't your fault.
It was an extremely active round. Sec was fully staffed, I've never actually seen that many sec personnel in Sec simultaneously before it. That means there's a lot of people talking, and by extension, a lot of talking over each other occurs, and people can get drowned out. Its absolutely a frustrating thing to have happen, just about any veteran of the game can vouch for it being so.

Thing to keep in mind is, in hyperactive rounds, the chat windows going to be flying by very quickly at times, and even if it isn't for you, other players may be having localized conversations/conflicts that are making their' own text logs fly by.

If you have something -very- important to report, perhaps use the PDA messaging system instead of the radio. The chat line is slightly more visible thanks to a hyperlink, and furthermore creates a chiming noise, alerting everyone that there was a message that was important enough to actually use the PDA messaging system for.

But even with that advice, that was simply a hyper-chaotic round. You did nothing wrong, and honestly I dont think anyone else did anything wrong either, at least as far as this matter is concerned. We are all only human, after all.
Hey I appreciate all the responses. I do feel like it is a lot to learn doing that role, and there's always going to be someone that doesn't like how you do it. Now don't get me wrong, that round was pretty intense. I will have to try that PDA messaging. I think what you mentioned Ion is something I struggle with a good bit. If messages are flying by on the comms, but when I'm in a face to face with someone, it's sometimes very hard to catch everything. Yeah I'm not saying people did anything wrong, I'm just trying to understand things. It's my understanding that being an officer is held to a higher standard, which I think they should, and I'm looking to learn the proper way to do things.

That being said, if anyone reading this plays security on Morty and catches me playing Sec. Assistant, I'd be very grateful for a shadow opportunity. I have a pretty good understanding of the maps, equipment, etc but I'm mostly looking for the interactions, specifically deescalation tactics, ticketing versus fining, arrest procedure, and general officer safety tips. Any case, I'm having a real blast and this community is great!

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