Complaint Punished for Following the Rules?
Hello, I recently posted a ban appeal after the server/forum rule time provided which was 1 months time. here is that thread: ( As an individual i did everything i could to follow every server/forum rule. I am now permanently banned and unable to appeal for 1 entire year. I am wondering why i was punished for following the rules & conducting myself respectfully during this month. I have admitted my actions were extremely out of line, I have apologized, & i have followed the rules. Now do i need to be UN-banned? No, but i need to know why following the rules and trying my hardest to go thru this rehabilitation process got my punished severely. What is the point to having concrete rules and procedures if they can be tossed aside so easily? All i want is to be treated fairly & to understand how I can best conduct myself in order to EARN my UN-banning. I realize i have argues against the process in the past & was disrespectful to the admins but I truly believe that this past month I have followed the server/forum rules to a T. I am trying my best to move forward but this year ban makes that incredibly difficult. Please anyone reading this please voice your opinion i wish to be apart of this great community. I do not believe this year ban was justified in this situation.
You were not banned for a year, you were banned permanently.

The minimum time to appeal such bans is 1 month, but that does not make them one month bans. They are still permanent bans.

Your appeals will not be accepted if you make them before next year. At that time we will see what you're capable of bringing to the table in order to convince us to lift your permanent ban.

You were not punished for following the rules; I think I made myself clear that what this server needs isn't necessarily your punishment, but safety from the sort of things you've shown yourself capable of doing.

It is possible you aren't entirely sure why your ban is being treated more harshly than others you have seen on our forums. Let me say it as succinctly as I am able:

When faced with a 7 day ban, you made direct and unambiguous threats of self harm and suicide, causing undue anxiety and duress on those involved. We do not tolerate these sorts of threats in any capacity. This is a hard line that is no one is allowed to cross. Not you, not anyone, not ever.

You are being treated fairly, commensurate with what you did to get permanently banned in the first place.

I am closing this thread. Do not make any more.

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