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Spooktober 2021 Suggestions Thread
Remove whitelist requirement from bumblespider, crow, and the like. I want to play as these things and I dont see why only HoS should be allowed to play as them.
I think it's a holdover from when shotgun racks were unlocked and the N.A.R.C.S. did not exist but I could be wrong.
For those critters from those jobs that can go through doors would be easy to code them to where they cant.
i think the only reason theres a whitelist is because theyre highly abuseable. They can hide under tables, and hell, the bumblespider even has a 15second 1 click stunlock. If they lost their ability buttons I'd be fine with everyone being able to play them, but until then, theyre fine being rare. of course, im being biased because one ended my csaber rampage, and i can play them, so yea.
Wait bumblespider has the normal spider ability? Wtf?
Doesn't seem like there's much support for it but may as well--Necrovirus random event.
~3 "Patient zero" zombies spawn in a group, begin mauling crew. Simple and utilizes and asset that's mostly not-available at any other time of the year.
Please add Vampire clothes to clown hole merchant
Remove the fucking superdark space please I can't fuckin' see shit.
Superhero mask should hide identity
Rename the nuclear bomb "spooklear bomb".
Instead of necro virus cluwne virus outbreak. That is all.
you should randomly hear saber/firearm/deathgasp/katana/antag sounds while walking in maint

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