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PinkPuffBall81 Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Jim Reaper, Bonk Honkem, Quiet, SPECTRE.
BYOND Username: PinkPuffBall81
Discord Username: PeckNeck#4442
Usual Servers: Morty
Previous Bans: None.

Let me start this off with a little note. I'm aware that I've done very dumb things in the past, and am willing to look past them, if you are willing to look past them too. My behavior at times was unacceptable, and I would like to let you all know that I'm trying my best to be a better person, so please, I don't want to be reminded of past problems I may have caused for some people. I want to do better, and I'm working towards that. Some past things I've said may have seemed like I viewed mentorship like a stepping stone or a status symbol, I don't feel that way, and I'm applying for this status because I sincerely enjoy helping people and I enjoy the people on this server. My only request is that you look past my past misdeeds. Thank you.

I've joined goon around a year ago at this point, and I've really enjoyed my time and the experiences I've had on this station. It's a very welcoming and interesting place. It's strange, in the good way, too. Back during my first days of goon, I was extremely confused by the mechanics and rules of the game, but I learned over time, and fairly quickly. Back before I got SS13, I used to read the goon wiki daily so I'd understand how the game worked. Weirdly enough, the first job I picked up was medical doctor. I'm not saying I'm extremely well-versed in how the game works, there's still some things that confuse me, and I still have to hit that F3 key occasionally. Most of the time when I play, I have the wiki open in a separate window to keep there in the case I need any information quickly. Usually when playing chef, bartender, or scientist to remember how to make certain chems/drinks/foods. Some jobs I've taken more of a liking to recently are AI and scientist, I'm a fan of AI because it involves a lot of responding to crew needs and it keeps me occupied and busy. Usually just opening doors or tracking people for sec. I enjoy playing as a scientist because it involves a lot of experimentation, and more recently, I'm learning how to make some secret chems. I WON'T share the details on how to make said secret chems in mentorhelps because that's metagaming and goes against rule 3.

Most of the time, if this application is approved, I will be spending in the discord and observing to assist with any mentorhelps that pop up and I am able to help people with. Occasionally I may hop into rounds when I need a break from mentoring, and I'll be going back to high school soon, so I'll be online during the evenings and on weekends usually, because I have school responsibilities to deal with. I'll probably be on early afternoons because school starts at 7:20 and ends at around 2:00 (CST) I would like to make it clear that I do not intend on using current round info to deal with mentorhelps, because that also goes against rule 3. I may answer some with "Maybe the HoP could help you with that!" or something along those lines, because we don't want assistants breaking into customs, do we? (I am also aware of the frequent "how do I pee" questions. I know how to do it, it's  *piss.)

Thank you for reading my application, and any feedback is welcome. If you DON'T feel like giving a +1, that's understandable and I respect your decision. Have a nice day.
+1 for me, the interactions I have experienced have been pleasant. I often see them chatting in the discord too.
Last time I saw you in-game was a few months ago, when you played Franz (Since I don't play ss13 anymore), so take this with a grain of salt, I feel like the apology is sincere, but I'm not sure if the "I don't view mentoring as a stepping stone" part is true, I've never seen you teaching people, IC (when you were playing Franz at least) or OOC (I'm still very active on the discord). The mentor role is to enhance your capabilities to teach people, yet you don't do that as far as I've seen, so as far as I can tell it's possible you still view this as a stepping stone to more respect, or admin role. You seem knowledgeable and could help with teaching people, even if it doesn't seem to me that you're not doing it right now, not giving a +1 or -1, but might change it later given information from others.

Sorry if this came off as aggressive.
I think you need to cool off and wait a while before making a new one of these. I've not seen you really help people in game. To be fair, I haven't been super active in a while because of my schedule, but I don't really see you on the discord answering questions either.

Actively help people, then reapply
I don't think I can give you a recommendation for mentor, as, to put it simply, I get the impression (from the many rounds I've observed or played alongside you) that you aren't particularly interested in doing any actual mentoring. Of course, this is just an observation and I'm sure I've missed many of your rounds! But I've yet to see you go out of your way to help or teach players.

Keep in mind that being mentor isn't just a rank that players of a certain playtime must obtain, or a stop on the way towards Grander Things; this is a voluntary role to help newer players to get more comfy with the outright vertical learning curve of ss13. Importantly: you don't need to already be a mentor to do this, and the "perks" of being a mentor are having extra tools to help accomplish this. I believe you should follow the advice given by Flourish in your last application to wait a longer period before applying. You will want to show through actions rather than just words, that you want to help teach people, that you recognise when players are struggling with game mechanics and will go out of your way to help them out.

I understand that you have been trying to do better which is great! but I agree with Cal in that you should allow yourself some more time before reapplying.
Frankly, no. The community is clearly not interested in you becoming a mentor, nor am I personally for mostly the same reasons the community has brought up over and over. This opinion is mine and mine alone.
I've seen you around recently, but I haven't seen you do much mentor/helping people-wise, tentative "No Vote" from me for now, I'll update this if I see things change.
So, I kind of put off writing this, but in short: no. This isn't because you're an inherently negative figure, but it comes down to the fact that I've never once seen you help anyone, ever. It almost seems like you dislike new players. You pretty much hang out exclusively with your meta-buds, even when you're an important role to the station and you don't answer questions in discord at all. You say you don't want the "rank" solely for the prestige, which may be true, but you're not showing it at all. My advice is to try and actually help new players, show that you can and would be a good mentor, then reapply.
Hey, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due concerns about maturity and behavior. Given that this is your 5th mentor app, I am going to say that you cannot reapply until October 10, 2022. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and helpful member of the community!

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