Complaint Captainbravo, Goonstation 1, 29 August 2021
Title: Captainbravo, Goonstation 1, 29 August 2021 

Admin: Captainbravo

Server: Goonstation1
Date + time: 29 August 2021, maybe 19:20/19:30 GMT.
Synopsis: I was detective, found a doctors union rep and a staffie in the main sec room. I called security over to come help me apprehend them. Staffie escaped, doctors union rep just stayed around. He refused to leave after being asked multiple times I shot him with stun ammo so we could arrest him, a secoff cuffed him.

Then, I tried to drag him into a cell - because of my lag he kept managing to run out the brig before I could close the door on him.

So essentially, I was struggling to contain him. Captain decides with little notice I'm being a "supercop" and overreacting even though the secoffs had helped me do it..? So he tases me to the floor and tries to free the guy. I shoot him with my stun ammo, and try to arrest the person again. At this point, I basically give up for a bit and go back into the main sec room before trying again. The HoP and Captain both come on me like a ton of bricks and harass me whilst doing so: the Captain tries to start shooting me with a taser (after being asked numerous times by the rest of security to stop interfering anyway) and so I shoot him back (again, with stun ammo) to disable him.

The HoP begins, as I said, to attack me as well, but by engaging in physical harm. He suplexes me multiple times, jumps on me from a chair, and steals my revolver. They both leave around this point after driving me to just a few heart pixels above crit. At this point I called them retarded over the radio and set the HoP to arrest; promptly after this, I was banned.

"Cunt", while some might find it inappropriate, is colloquially in the UK (where I live) and also Australia and other similar former British colonies as a plain old insult, and not necessarily a reference to the female sex organ. I am not trying to rule lawyer or whatever, but I do not believe I broke this rule, and if I did, I do not see why the Captain and HoP, who were harassing me severely, were not banned as well, if the admin investigated the situation.

I provide no justification for the "eye for an eye" retaliation against the Captain/HoP as it was not particularly reasonable but I was not happy at all. If "retard" is considered bigoted, then I sincerely apologise, but again, it's not necessarily used in British context to refer to someone who's mentally ill, just someone who's acting stupid, and I'm happy not to say "cunt" if this is the expectations of Goonstation but this is not something I particularly expected to begin with.

Overall, and in general, I have had great fun on the server. This was the one bad experience I have had so far in about my 2.76 days worth of playtime so far as a new member of the server.

Could've spoken to me beforehand.

Logs: Nothing.
Extra information: None
This post kinda confuses me. Is it a complaint about Captainbravo’s behavior, a complaint about our server rules, or an unban appeal?
I'm complaining about the way it was enforced.
I was told to post here for bans lasting 24 hours or less.
You were given a warning about calling people "retards" 10 days ago. Then you did it again and you got banned for 1 day; and let me tell you, a ban length of 1 day is also a warning. Efrem banning you was in complete accordance with our rules and I'm sorry if you feel you deserve a conversation in addition to the reason for you ban, but you recieved the ban reason and seem to have understood which words broke the rule mentioned. He could have been more "polite" and talked you through it at the time, but why should he? You knew better (as a result of your previous warning) and did it anyway.

I know the "c-word" is rather benign in Britain and Australia, but it's not like that everywhere. The "r-word" might be like that over there too, but I've never heard of that. Maybe you don't find those words to be slurs, but other people do and we want everyone to give everyone else at least that modicum of respect while they are playing on our servers.
hi i'm a British and no the r-word is not any more acceptable there than it is in america
(08-30-2021, 11:25 AM)Wire Wrote: hi i'm a British and no the r-word is not any more acceptable there than it is in america

Can second for Australia
Agreed it's perhaps far less acceptable than the c-word but I see people in my workplace use it all the time - hence, colloquial. I have never really seen anyone complain about it to me ever before - which is why I took the warning, and accepted that.

This is a separate word - as you said, with different conditions - so why does that apply here?

Nevertheless, I'll speak about it elsewhere.

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