Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)
+1 for sure!

     Most of what I have to say has already been said, however Viridis is always an exceptional officer and perform to their best at all times in security.  They treat antagonists fairly and I've enjoyed every moment I've played with them on their HoS fridays, as well as security in general.
Easy +1. Viridis is an incredible player and would make an excellent hos.
I have played with Viridis a lot when he's Sec and have had great experiences. I think they'd do a great job!
Bartimeus is a great security officer, and yes like a lot of people I thought they were already HoS. Anyways I just had an experience with them a couple of days ago where I was an Antagonist and Bartimeus was very lenient and let me go through with my gimmicks and even "dropped" some of my gadgets so I could continue. He also is very good at RP.


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