Bartimeus973 - HoS app (2)
Link to the previous application:

Usual character name: Viridis Varanis

BYOND username: bartimeus973

Discord username (if you are on our discord): Bartimeus#0627

Recommended by (if applicable):

Goon servers you play: Morty, occasionnaly Heisenbee.

Reason for application: 
Having a hos on the team is a great boon to any shift. It gives security someone they can refer to when in doubt, it gives antags someone that they know will treat them justly and it gives the crew a person that they can rely on should the rest of command be corrupted/missing. The reason that i am applying for this position is that i believe to be able to act as a fair leader and help the team figure out where to go next and give them tips on how to treat different situations. New recruits looking for guidance and regular officers alike can have situations where the shift has gone in such a way that stress or confusion can be mounting, in those situations the hos should be able to defuse the situation and make sure that everyone is having a good time. After all, this is still a game, everyone is here to enjoy themselves. Making sure that everyone gets a chance at achieving what they want in the shift, regardless of wether they are an antagonist or not should be one of the top priorities of any head of security. Being able to spot when people are getting heated in an out of character way is also important in order to defuse situations early on before they can impact the players' rounds in a nefarious way.
Of course, promoting good security habits should also be on the menu, such as (but not limited to) giving out fair brig sentences/alternate punishments, communicating often with the team in order to keep everyone in the loop and giving antags a chance in general.

Security experience (300 word minimum): 
I am often switching up jobs in between shifts, which means i have periods in which i play more security and ones where i tend to play it less. However i have gotten a reasonably high amount a knowledge both from being in security and interacting with them as  antag or as a non-antagonist. I am the type of officer that tries to keep my pace similar to the round's. By that i mean that i will usually just walk around slowly during a good chunk of the shift talking to people and showing good face. After all, extending a hand to the crew and offering small services often helps show that security truly cares about what's going on in a round and that they'll be here when needed. Once the shift picks up in pace however due to the antagonist's actions i'll respond accordingly, showing up as fast as possible on the scenes where security is needed all the while relaying what i am doing to the team so that we do not end up with cases where half or more of security is huddled together on a minor crime case while someone is stabbing the chef on the other side of the station. I try to be communicative, often asking others what they are currently doing on the security channel so that we can coordinate, and providing situation reports to the new-comers so that they can be caught up to speed on the usual chaos.
When it comes to interacting with antagonists i am usualy quite lenient on antagonists trying to do a relatively harmless gimmick, and i will close my eyes on more important crimes if they have some RP to back it up. Im only ever harsh on crewmates going on murder sprees or repeatedly commiting crimes all shift up to the point where it is making it unreasonably difficult for crewmates to do their job. I like to interact with antagonist throughout the whole process to show them that they are being taken seriously. As such i very much enjoy interrogation since i find it to be the best moment for someone who has been caught to explain their motives or make up some RP on the spot to back up their actions. Depending on how engaging and creative the story of the person being interrogated is i'll usually be even more lenient, sometimes even releasing the crewmate immediatly.
Since i have been a mentor i have been able to try out the head of security role on fridays and have been greatly enjoying it. It has given me a very good preview of what the job can be like and has prepared me on how to properly lead the team and keep the pace of the round going.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players? 
Antagonists are not enemies. Quite the opposite they are your best friends! Your job as a sec off is to make sure they have enough room to breathe and achieve their gimmick in order to spice up the round. You should always extend kindness to them as long as what they are doing is interesting or making other people feel involved. It is way more rewarding to have a climactic finale where security clashes with the nefarious plan of an antagonist rather than to nip it in the bud early on and let it fizzle out. Also get comfortable with forensics work. Its extremely rare for someone to be able to commit a crime and leave absolutely no evidence, there is pretty much always some trace amount of stuff that can lead back to the criminal. You also get to feel real cool once you finally crack the case, like the awesome sherlock holmes look-alike that you are.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) 
Its not a specific moment, but when i was still relatively new i had antag rounds cut short for a reason or another. However some officers seeing this took it upon themselves to sneak back a few contraband items back to me, and this happened a few times over different shifts. This is one of the moments that made me get interested into playing security myself, and seeing the red shirts as more than just an obstacle, but as a group of people trying to get involved into my shenanigans. 
I've had shifts where i taught some assistants and then seeing them weeks/months later as a fully grown officer or regular player on the server, which is extremely gratifying.
I dont tend to keep favorites, but i can list a few great shifts that have happened:
-The time conspirators declared that they had a hostage in cargo then started their demands. Their hostage escaped early on which ruined their leverage, so i offered myself as a hostage while RPing it out so that they could keep it going, which ended up in them doing some fun rp and spanning the whole shift.
-The time a vampire made up some RP about a mask being possessed, wore it then freaked out about how the mask was showing him visions and taking over him. Once the mask was off he gradually revealed more vampire powers up until the point he was a full blown nightcrawler. Security went along until the very end.
-The time a crewmate willingly brigged themselves claiming to be a highly dangerous criminal then escaped in interesting ways only to let us catch him again and put him back in jail. It was a fun game of cat and mouse where everyone was having a blast.
-A head of security shift where i offered to step down from my position for an hour and let someone else have a go so they could shoulder on the responsibilities and see how they would fare. A security assistant became 'temporary hos' and did quite well commanding the team up until the end of their try-out period, where they got reassigned to security officer as a promotion from their old position.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? 
Medbay now has a pda function to show up a person's medical profile when you scan someone with it. I think an equivalent for security showing up the security profile could be fun although the security records already work reasonably fast. Also spawning with a coffee mug would be great! The hos gets one, its not fair that the rest of the team cant be ready to drink a cup of joe from the get-go! Or maybe add a mug in the robust donut box with some coffee, thats works too!

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. 
As a lone security officer i am usually trying to stay in highly populated areas both to prevent possible sudden attacks on my person (which would deprive the station of any security presence) and to show that despite the low security presence i am still willing to show good face. On full team i tend to occasionnaly run lighthearted gimmicks unless the shift is hectic. I am also more laid back, taking the desk job role from time to time or discussing around with everyone to create some RP.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
The chef is crazy
The armory is deep fried
I stomp on my hat

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? 
I've taken bail from people a few times to let someone else out of jail, which is fairly fun and often surprises the criminal who expected to spend his time in the brig. I've also had cases where in interrogation i deemed the criminal to be insane/deranged/neurotic and instead of brigging them had them sent to medbay for a full mental screening and reeducation.
I'm also still very interested in running a clown security gimmick where i bake my baton/gun/flash into a pie then toss it at people when making arrests.

Draw a picture!

[Image: jbpLKTQ]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None

I messed up the picture. Fixing it here.
[Image: vvcberet.png]
HoS App 2: Electric Boogaloo for the smelly baguette lizard!

Bartimeus is one of my favourite players on the server without a doubt. They are one of the most creative and resourceful when it comes to gimmicks, antag or otherwise, and they're someone who very actively seeks out RP at every opportunity in order to enhance peoples experiences and to make them feel more involved or noticed.

Within Sec primarily, they are someone who I always love seeing on the team because I know through plenty of experiences that they're a very reliable and trustworthy officer. I trust them to treat Antags fairly and not stomp all over their RP and gimmicks before they can even take flight, to let them progress and escalate naturally to make the round more interesting, and I trust them to reasonably handle and treat those, lets say "less than savoury characters," that tend to just cause minor crimes all shift on repeat, with respect even if said crimelord doesn't want to give the same respect in turn, and I trust them to know when enough is enough and when its time to consider alternative means of correction.

They are someone who is very active on the radio and always communicating what they're doing, where they're going to investigate, and are always actively responding to questions or requests from newer officers and showing them the ropes. They're quick to respond to alerts, often being one of the first officers on the scene when shit starts hitting the fan, and they're very wise in their approaches to emergencies in order to keep an interesting narrative.

Only advice I can really give is for them to play HoS more on Fridays to build that rep some more. While I understand Friday HoS can be very crowded, especially now on RP due to the massive amounts of RP HoS' we just had whitelisted, plus every other Mentor interesting in Sec, I still think its worth fighting for this job slot to further prove yourself as a capable leader.

Overall though, Bartimeus is a Sec Officer that I, as someone whitelisted as HoS, still look to as an example for how to improve my own Security playstyle, and they're no doubt setting an example for others also.

Viri is someone who I look up to greatly. When I first started playing on Goon again this year, I would watch and learn from him often when he played security. In all my time observing and learning from him, I have never personally witnessed him do anything that would give me any reason to believe he might be a bad fit for HoS.

He plays along very well with antag gimmicks, is responsible when it comes to not using too much force against people, communicates a great deal with both members of security and the crew, and knows when it's time to use a more forceful hand for more chaotic antags/crew mates. In addition, I have played with Viri a few times on Fridays when he has played HoS, and he has always done well in this role.

I trust Viri, and I think he will make a great HoS. +1!
My +1 from your old application stands. In my experience, you have been a very fair Officer, and never shut down an antagonist's gimmick too early. You are communicative and responsive, which is very refreshing to see. I've never seen you lose your cool before, and are an excellent teacher to new security players. I'm going to say yes.


Viridis is always very considerate of other players gimmicks and very communicative with anyone whos willing to RP. Ive also seen them go out of there way to make sure antags are having fun.
Wait, isn't Viridis HoS approved yet? What an oversight! He's a great asset to any sec team, always talking before batoning, participating in antag gimmicks as much as is reasonable, and a team player. +1 for me!

You deserved it the first time around. Same positive comments there apply here.

Every time I see Viridis, I know I have a good ally to rely on. He is also very considerate of other players gimmicks, and is very good at judging whether to be loose or firm in his lawgiving.
(08-29-2021, 12:29 AM)clee Wrote: Wait, isn't Viridis HoS approved yet? What an oversight! He's a great asset to any sec team, always talking before batoning, participating in antag gimmicks as much as is reasonable, and a team player. +1 for me!

Exact same reaction. Viridis is a good officer. I had some interactions with him, saw him quite often as I'm playing security assistant a lot and I know he'll be a good HoS. +1
Viridis handles things great and is always trying to make the shift fun for everyone!
they have had lots of hos rounds on Fridays now and they do great, they lead the team well and still make it fun for antags and they always handle things in a calm and positive way!

overall i feel the same way i did in the first application and after seeing viridis as hos on fridays im even more confident that they would be a great hos!
Definitely a +1 from me. Bartimeus is a very fun person to play with as an antag and a non antag and can always rely on them whenever they play security. From what I have seen on the mentor HoS fridays they are a very fun and communicative, always giving antags some leeway with their gimmicks and good at dealing with the other not so fun people. They'll definitely do well as HoS as they have already shown with their security play, and as they also understand antags and letting their gimmicks go on in more or less undisturbed state. Always interacting and guiding people. Definitely a good fit for the role.
we were revheads together and won. +1
I have played with Viridis for quite a number of rounds and i can say that it's one person i really enjoy having on the security team, even though I have not played as a security officer as much as I used to, i still manage to interact with Viridis when possible.

All around an easy +1 to me, hope to see you as a HoS more often!
How is Viridis not a real HOS yet? They are one of the best sec officers out there and don't go too crazy with power.
The funny thing is... ive always though viridis already a HoS... Anyway, they are really awesome to have in the security team, RP and Skill wise. Know how to be nice to antags, escalate and try to deal with stuff with minimal violence. I think they could do a great job helping the team to work as a team, as they are always eager to talk to you, listen and teach.

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