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Goonstation Monthly Contest: "April" Edition
Hello crew and welcome to, uhhhh... April. Ahem.

I'm sure everyone wants to go out and explore some new sights, so this month we're going to be making new sights! We're making prefabs!

If you don't know, prefabs are those neat randomly placed locations you'll find on the same zlevel as the Diner, and deep down in the trench on the water maps! So fire up your mapping software of choice (We recommend StrongDMM or SpacemanDMM), update your local repo of the Gooncode and get to work! If you have no idea how to do either of those that's fine! Hop in Discord and head over to #imcoder for help setting up your local repo or #immapper for help with the mapping process!

Examples of previously accepted prefabs: Space Ranch, Shooting Range, Space Casino, and Torpedo Deposit

Prefabs can be a space prefab, a trench prefab, or a planetary prefab for the Artemis project!

Entry information:
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one may be entered as your official entry.
  • Entries must be submitted as PRs on the Goonstation github with a link posted here.
  • Entries may include new content as part of the PR for the prefab
  • Entries must be fully functional and have all the fixings to be merged in the game and work
  • Entries must follow mapping standards, this includes things like not having any overpowered loot

Entries will be accepted until Apr- errr, September 22nd, this gives you four full weeks to get your prefab done! After that date community voting will decide the winners of the stickers!
For this month there will be 3 sticker winners. All participants will get a cool medal, and the contest winners will get an even cooler one that lets you [Image: attachment.php?aid=486] in-game and in OOC. Additionally, all entries will be eligible to be merged regardless of winning, provided they are approved by the developers.

Is it alright to have bits (mostly lore) that are not part of the subbmission PR but get added on if the prefab gets merged?
Prefabs should ultimately be complete when submitted.
Unfortunately I don't think I'll be entering anything but I wanted to show some basic prefabs planned for Artemis.

Greenhouse Gone Wrong:
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Grow Op.
Note: This corn blocks vision.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Rawr! Bear Trap!
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Ssssertified Organic
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Looking forward to seeing real submissions!
^lmao that grow-op is hilarious

Question: Is it okay to make the PR submission of a working submission, but then edit bits and pieces to improve it later? I would like to get some feedback and I am also not sure if I am able to implement some extra features before the deadline.
My Submission: The Syndicate Laboratory.

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f6d64622e6166666563746564...722e706e67]

This PR adds a new prefab, the Syndicate laboratory. It's a small Syndicate laboratory, which formerly had the purpose of figuring out if they could refine telecrystals for use in uplinks using chemistry (It didn't work, there's a few papers that essentially say this, to prevent confusion). However, the Syndicate rarely leaves things unguarded. The prefab has a few retrofitted gunbots, still doing their duty, stopping NT from entering. In addition, there's a Syndicate minigun drone stationed outside. However, the Syndicate did leave behind a prototype of the handheld ChemiTool behind. The ChemiTool is a handheld combo of the reagent extractor and CheMaster.

More details can be found here!
Here is my entry: The Gnomish Warship - I hope you like it!

[Image: 133644572-43a63ce4-24de-4afe-9194-2752cc6d5882.png]

  • New critter type: Garden Gnome - Helps watering plants and clears dead plants out of trays, very friendly and huggable
  • Two fierce maneaters with a taste for primate flesh
  • David the Space Gnome - Merchant who sells many useful hydroponics supplies, including new, expensive, never before seen items
  • Three trays that spawn with strange seeds in them

Link for the PR:
My entry for the contest is a school that securitrons go to.

[Image: 133638226-e65a46a8-1b16-471b-ac75-99084e8fb5d2.png]

Outside of the neat areas you can visit and relax in it includes a brand new weapon, the batarang! When thrown it acts like you'd expect it to however you can't safely catch it because of how sharp it is. 

More info can be found here:
My entry: An abandoned safehouse hidden away in an asteroid. Can you break in and figure out happened?

About: A small puzzle focused prefab with very few hazards. Avoid the pull-request if you don't want spoilers!

[Image: wyMOskD.png]


Prefab is currently pending review and so may be subject to change!!
Entry: Silverglass Platform

About: Cutting-edge research facility centered on quantum-entangled storage devices, broken and set adrift in a half-functional state by a very poorly thought out executive decision from the higher-ups. Contains a couple of minor goodies, and the intact section can serve as a nice stop-off point for deep space explorers.

[Image: 133908509-8c0c5b06-766b-474d-943d-3f41f8670aed.png]
Here's my entry, it's a chunk from a destroyed mall space station named DreamPlaza Mall. :)

Pull Request

I intended this prefab to be a Cool Hang Out and Gimmick Place with fun atmospherics. It features a mini food court, an abandoned clothing store, maybe a little bit of storytelling (environmental and otherwise).

[Image: 134017055-5064f1ec-5be5-4395-8e7e-9bc47741da24.png]
[Image: 134017046-46f42cdc-f1fc-4be4-9129-d6a48166c4fd.png]
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f6d64622e6166666563746564...722e706e67]
My Entry, Ship 3151

Lots of stuff to fight, lots of stuff to learn. Loot is so so, but I'd add more once I figure some things out
In the odd case that y'all didn't see sord's announcement in the Discord (and for the historical record), the contest was extended in light of the forums going down

[Image: 1srAB6U.png]
Hi yes I did an prefab, it's about lesbian bees in space~ (don't mind that isn't not passing a check I'm sure it'll turn out mergeable eventually)

It's very good. Also happy, I like happy things.

If you're not one of those faint of heart for spoilers you can look at an whole image of the thingy down here.
[Image: KPDL1gc.png]

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