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HoS Application - Khaaku Starbell/Nova_Hero
Usual character name: Khaaku Starbell
BYOND username: Nova_Hero
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Nova_#1113
Recommended by (if applicable): Chayot
Goon servers you play: Server 1 Heisenbee

Reason for application: Currently as a Security Officer, I feel like I do not have the proper authority to handle issues that occur within Security, such as an officer handling prisoners poorly, or harming innocents with little to no explanation. As a Head of Security, I know it would be easier to handle said people as other officers would not question as much as to why you arrested a Sec Off, despite their poor behaviour.

Security experience (300 word minimum): Since I’ve started, I have always wished to aid others through working as security. After my 5th round, I consistently played Security Assistant, making sure to actually read the book, and watch other officers perform arrests and searches. When I finally became a Security Officer, I decided to go out for patrols. Over time, I learned to notice what counts as odd behaviour, and would question people if I noticed what they were doing could harm others, preferring to use words yet willing to engage if they ran off or decided to fight.
Other than how I act, I have learned the way to properly search a prisoner and set a fair time for the brig. If the round is less than 5 minutes, I make sure to try to let them keep a few toys that won’t end up with the station blown up (too soon). Additionally, if the search ends up taking quite some time due to either distance or another incident, I make sure to change the time accordingly. 
As for dealing with rogue security, I have learned how to handle them quite well thanks to some easily memorable run-ins. Temporarily disregarding mind-slaves, I realized that the best way of handling them was through a good talk about their behaviour, however if they are not willing to see to reason yet, bursting them with a taser and cuffing tends to give you enough time to bring them somewhere safer and more private, allowing for a better talking environment at the potential expense of making the officer more hot-headed. The primary way of handling mind-slaved Officers from what I’ve learned is to cut their implants out, making sure to count what falls out. All of security is guaranteed to have a health implant, ruling one implant out. The second may either be the actual mindslaver, or can be the cloning implant, necessitating checking the cloner, however records can be deleted so keep it in mind. If they have three, there is an extremely high chance they have a mind-slave implant. I’m having minor difficulty remembering, but I believe you can read what implant it is when placed inside of an implanter, helping determine if it is a deluxe or normal. Other than that tedious process, another way of handling rogue sec-offs is through simply killing them and cloning preferably through the disk to prevent accidentally cloning them as a thrall, changeling, or other poor alternative. 
Besides handling internal affairs with security, I have also learned how to safely handle nonhuman antagonists. For vamps, it tends to be safer to just box it out until you can get a pin off, allowing you to cuff and brig. For changelings things get a tad more dangerous, however stunning them and putting them in the port-a-brig is a foolproof idea, given you have a relatively competent team that won’t immediately release them if you can’t explain fast enough, and can help you stun them and carry them to the proper brig as opposed to having a solo officer get stung.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
The primary piece of advice that should be taken to heart is to communicate as much as possible. I have not seen a single instance where someone got mad from too much radio chatter, yet I have seen many times where people would get hurt from too little being said. A prime example was during a gang round, where the gangs managed to convince an officer that I was hostile, yet they have not attempted to communicate with me and I was not present at the conversation until I was dead. Another example would be when an officer has just left AI upload while holding the HoP, with the AI saying that the officer was a mindslave. The Officer chose to talk of the HoP, ignoring our questioning and the AI’s words, leading to a very long yet still pretty fun talk about communication.
Another word of advice I’ve got is to not be afraid of handling internal affairs within security. It is extremely important that the health of the team is taken into account with regard to behaviour. If an officer is acting poorly, whether it is through stunning those they should not be, or through harming people despite their life not actively being endangered, be sure to give them a firm talk. Do not be abrasive if possible, as it can worsen the environment for everyone. Instead, be assertive and keep a clear head. If they have repeat offenses, don’t be scared to demote them, and make sure to communicate to other officers as to why you’re doing what you are, lest you wish to end up exploring space or work in the afterlife botany for the rest of the round.
The final advice I have is to not try to talk when you are in a fight, and instead just push the giant alert button and put up one hell of a fight for the enemy for as long as you’re still able to, even if you can’t stand or breathe. The time you spend trying to type a long winded message is free time for the opposition to either wail on you, or knock you unconscious, rendering your message pointless as you will be long gone from that area when backup arrives. Moreover, you’ve still got a pretty good chance to come out on top, rendering the backup officers as spectators to your brigging the target.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
My favorite moments overall consisted of the shuttle timer being around twenty seconds to arrival at Centcomm, during which several HoS’s taught me to be brave and keep moving on, despite the low time. Every time a HoS pushed me onward with so little time, I still managed to make it on the shuttle.
For a less generalized favorite moment, it would be when Echo Five rallied a large gang. Early in the round, I heard reports there was gang activity, so I relaxed a little as I figured no one mentioned the gang's intentions with regard to security, assuming the gangs would have no intention of fighting security just yet. After finishing a loop of patrol, I stopped with Nako in front of security as we had both heard gunshots. When we arrived, we saw a Detective and some people that seemed a bit out of place. I didn’t question the det as I believed he wouldn’t be a worry during a gang round, but I was completely wrong. When we tried to subdue those that the detective was engaged with, I got shot in the back from him. I ended up being caught, yet Nako managed to slip away. I was then cremated, yet got cloned by a doctor that heard the alert. I decided to put on an EVA suit and a mask to attempt to conceal who I was, then marched back into security as someone has just walked out. When I walked inside, I heard someone getting their head smashed in by the brig, so I knocked on the door and someone who was standing around with the detective opened it for me. When I ran up, I saw Nako caving the skull in of a rogue security member. I took my mask off, then we had a quick talk that got interrupted by someone tossing flashbangs. Nako tossed me two shotguns and a pulse rifle, from which we tried our best to fight every combatant. In the end, I was caught again and was promptly killed, yet Nako managed to slip away yet again, but was followed by another rogue security officer. As a ghost, I watched with interest as to how he’d handle it, and I got to see the enemy get their head smashed into the floor. As Nako tried to bring my disk to the cloner he bumped into Echo Five, the one that I believed was the detective who ran the gang, and they fought for some time, yet it ended with another person getting the drop on Nako, causing him to be stunned and cremated. As saddening as death can be, I was glad to be back with my brother as we got to grow plants together in the afterlife botany area. I enjoyed the entire ordeal a lot as I got to fight in an environment which is typically quite rare to encounter, with that being one where you do not know who will suddenly lash out at you. It was also pretty fun being able to fight officers, yet was a little saddening to know that what was supposed to be our team was not on our side.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
A game improvement that could benefit security players may be adding a sleeper to security in Cogmap 1. It’s a bit of a minor thing, however there have been many times I would wish to heal a prisoner or officer, yet not have any medicine around as the medkits that normally spawn there are stolen. Additionally, being able to top up minor damage helps remove the annoyance of seeing the heart icon not be filled, instead having a minor nick off the top through having 2.1E-7 brute damage.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
As a full team, I am much more jovial and willing to stand around to talk with passerbys. I also respond to as much radio calls as possible, as I know any additional calls immediately after may be handled by other officers, yet I will still try to quickly run to the next call to make sure everyone’s alright, unless there is a particular severity to one such as a person being mauled crying for help. When I am alone, I tend to not talk much as I focus more on the radio and listen to anything out of the ordinary more. I also move a lot faster, not allowing me to get much nice talks with those relaxing. I also act much more aggressively in combat, as I know there will not be backup, and there are other people getting hurt and not being saved.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
If you stay calm,
you will make it to dawn,
but if you decide to shoot,
your life will be moot.
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
A security gimmick I’ve wanted to run was to hold a trial for a rampager specifically, since I’m somewhat curious as to how a large crowd of people would act with a mass murderer behind glass, and how much they can restrain themselves to not just break it. Sadly, I’ve never happened to be on during a rampage.
  • Draw a picture!
[Image: ylUNQBojaI2y49drjOs-_FQcehFeDV_YmWZmHrEs...k2ptUUr=s0]
Dueling Nako with Shinai
  • Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, just some warnings
I haven’t had any bad memories of Khaaku Starbell, and from what I know he seems to treat others players well. He is robust, and has a good understanding security and game mechanics. Give him the broomstick please.
Generally positive experiences and decently robust. Definitely knows security well. +1
When playing HoS I trust em to get things done. +1 from me!
Ok I wrote out a thing a bit after this came up but forums went down and it deleted and I don't remember what it was so I'm just gonna say +1, generally good, communicates and persistent.
Firstly I must concede, I've spoken to them privately and like them as a person.
Moreover, I have voiced support for them in the past; My opinion of them is high.
That said, I will attempt to remain unbiased in this post.

Played with Starbell for quite some time, frequently.
Overall, above-average SECOFF in every regard.

Haven't seen instances of abuse. Hasn't shown undue aggression. Willing to discipline, by force if necessary, their own team.
Decently robust in a fight. Most-often shows up to calls for help, or alerts. Still finds time to have fun interactions with the crew.

Prisoners are processed fairly, medical attention is given as necessary.
Prisoners are watched over and protected by Starbell, their needs are tended to and their concerns heard.

The only things I'd say Starbell is lacking in would be leadership--Perhaps he simply feels both inexperienced and unworthy to do so.
And I concede, he is fairly new and inexperienced overall.
However, I would encourage you to direct your team more, Starbell.
You have great response times to calls for help and alerts, however beyond reacting to threats,
take the offensive and guide your team to places they would be more effective. Rally the team.
Aside from that, he used to leave mid-round at times but that hasn't been an issue for a long while.

I have witnessed nothing but good behavior. While they may need experience in some regards, overall they have a strong base and a good attitude.
I must recommend them for Head of Security. +1.
Now, I dont know all these big words that Chayot used. However, I probably agree with him. 
Ive seen ya since you were new, and you've come along way. I've shown you some tricks, and more. I remember my first time as antag against you two, I was port a puke rampaging, and unlike usual new sec, you actually fought back. However, you didn't kill me, even then. You turned me into the HOS, instead. Since then, you have continued to learn and explore, and you've learned new tricks and whatnot. Since you've done it right from the start, I don't even know if you guys know the wrong way, but clearly you do.
Its good how you always observe situations first before actively engaging. You do good, however, your pretty dependant on your brother. He always has your disk, and you rarely leave his side. Recently youve been branching out a bit more, and I will admit, you two make a hell of a team, but you should work on becoming a bit more independent. 
Regardless, I've seen nothing but good shit from ya, so +1
+1 from me.

I sometimes lump the starbells together as one entity (oh shit, it's the starbells), but overall I have a positive impression on Khaaku - active in sec communications, crisis response and quite dependable.
Smart, good sense of appropriate escalation and generally quite friendly.


But here comes the criticism/advice.

The dual roaming is undoubtedly part of your playstyle, I assume part of the appeal of playing is being able to play in that style with Nako. But if you are going to be an HOS I'd suggest you actively keep in mind balancing that aspect of your play with the responsibilities that come with the cape to your entire team.
Not much for me to say here that hasn't already been said up there. You bring a kind of team player attitude to security that is just a complete fuckin joy to see, and you know how to handle yourself in a strap as well as what to do with the bad guy after said scrap.

+1 from me
good secoff, it is redundant to say at this point considering its been the point if many others, but my only worry is your bias towards your brother. just keep in mind youd need to show the same concern for all your officers in equal amounts, otherwise ive had generally good experiences with you and youve been open to criticism of how you can improve. +1
Hey, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it as we haven't really seen you and Nako play sec independently of each other. I think you're a solid officer, but I'd really like to see how you communicate and work with those other than Nako.

You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be December 9. I'd definitely encourage reapplying once you spend some time playing independently of Nako.

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