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keeb0_ Ban Appeal banned by unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: keeb0_ and myskeletonismissing#1337 (at the time it was keebo#1337)
Date and time of the ban: mid july 2021
Who banned me: Unknown.
Message given In the kick, If present: Something about antisemitism
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I joined the discord server after joining the ss13 server for the first time and didnt break any ingame rules or send anything, i got banned for having my discord status be jews btfo, and was banned from the ss13 and discord servers for it, no warning or anything.
Why I should be unbanned: i think it was just a mistake on my end, and it wasnt really like i was saying anything wrong or being directly anti semitic to anybody, but sorry anyways.
I too am sorry you thought that putting that in your status was okay. I think we'll be fine without you around.

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