Complaint Captain Bravo/Efrem/Vaughn Moon, Goon Main: Heisenbee
Admin: Captain Bravo

Server: Goonstation Main: Heisenbee

Date & time: 4:00 to 5:00 PM, EST

Pre-note: I believe the video portrays the round much better than my writing ever can, however, I did not want to post just the video alone.


Text snyopsis: During a recent round on Goon Main, Captain Bravo as Vaughn Moon ran around using admin powers, essentially stealing items, abusing sec players, and generally messing with the crew as a whole, while using their pick up function and heal function to get themselves out of the brig and not be captured, leading to a general unhappiness in the security team, as they felt entirely powerless. It really felt as if a staff assistant with no regard for others rounds just was running around, taking everything they could with their new found powers.

I am new to main, as I played entirely on RP for the past 12 months, so I do not know if this is to common for admins to run around essentially invincible as their player character and torment the crew, but it is nothing like I've ever seen before. They attacked a security officer, putting them into crit, and didn't even heal them. They didn't mark themselves as antag, essentially was self-antagging for the full shift, stealing the turret from the sec armory to have it shoot at random people, then later mocking us for it with the robotic voice announcement. I understand that they are an admin, and they can do these kinds of things, and it is main so it is taken less seriously, but it still feels discouraging when a literal god is just running around, doing whatever they want, and security has 0 power to do anything.

Conclusion: Almost all admin intervention I've seen on main is positive, such as special antags, cool events, making cool areas, or just having a beneficial impact on the round, not just running around as their player character with godmode


I have made a video, summarizing and capturing most of the negative impacts they had on that round. I really recommend watching it

A note: I will retract this if this is just how main/admins on main are, I don't have the strongest point of reference. Other players seemed very upset/acted like it wasn't a common occurrence at all so I felt confident enough to post this
As you said, you play on RP so you don't understand how the admins pull shenanigans on main goon.
This is pretty basic admin fuckery. Normally admin shenanigans would make half the station explode.
Though I would say usually there would be more to it than just super grey suit. Maybe that was the gimmick? Acting as a omnipowerful staff assistant would.
Dunno if this is peanut posting but I'm just explaining the normal admin messing around from all the years I've played on Goon.
I would like to ask a legitimate question - if this was frustrating you as much as it seems it did, why didn't you attempt to do anything about it in the moment? You had plenty of opportunity to ahelp and request some explanation or to share your point of view on how it was affecting your round. But you just immediately escalated to "I'm gonna make a complaint about this once the round ends" and started recording as though it were some kind of sting - without doing anything to try and solve it beforehand.
I would like to point out my post script noting that I have really only been playing for main for a week. People mentioned filing a report that round so I decided since I had recorded some of it, I would go ahead and do it. I had very little point of reference on if what they were doing was normal or not for an admin to do on main, but plenty of people seemed pissed of so I put this report in.

I feel extremely disrespected that the first response I get is “lmao”. I’ve seen all the other admin feedbacks, no one else, not one other response got treated with that lack of disrespect unless they themselves had been disrespectful to the admins!

I come here with a legitimate concern because other people were upset about it and what I get is “lmao” :///

I feel as if I’m being treated as if I’m stupid or a child, I dislike being angry/upset and honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been actually angry in the last year but this just feels awful!! 

I really couldn’t care less about that round at this point, I was just hanging out in security, but other people came in and were complaining about it so I decided to speak up for them!! 

The second response by Kiki is amazing, explaining how it is a normal occurrence, and actually taking note that I do not have that much main experience to know that, and that my experience on RP would lead to me thinking like this.

(08-12-2021, 05:34 PM)Sick Ness Monster Wrote: I would like to ask a legitimate question - if this was frustrating you as much as it seems it did, why didn't you attempt to do anything about it in the moment? You had plenty of opportunity to ahelp and request some explanation or to share your point of view on how it was affecting your round. But you just immediately escalated to "I'm gonna make a complaint about this once the round ends" and started recording as though it were some kind of sting - without doing anything to try and solve it beforehand.

What could I have done, they were immune to stuns, they weren’t talking to sec, it was an unstoppable force. I guess I should have ahelped in the moment but that just didn’t come up to me then. That video is cut up a lot but I have no issues with captain bravo as a person or an admin.

My options I saw:

1)attempt to stop them and probably die or get maimed like that sec officer

2)Record them and then make a feedback about it 

I actually did make a report about it during the game but it was through med ass
You're the person who freely admitted to listening to years of ban appeal forum posts on text to speech in your car, right? I think you need to take a big step back from the forums, this is venturing into some unhealthy territory.

Everything Kiki said was right, and not every post deserves a serious response.
I've reviewed your video and while I understand that you and some of the other players present found Efrem's actions frustrating or otherwise disruptive, overall I would consider them to be tame by comparison to other gimmicks

Stealing the turret for the armory in stun mode is relatively harmless, it will just fire taser rounds at nearby targets. Placing plastic flaps in front of security while slightly annoying, is pretty easy to slide right around, especially when we've has instances of hallways being walled off and the only passage through going through a tremendous maze filled with lions.

I would encourage players seeking a more serious experience to play on RP where these types of gimmicks are less common. Classic chaos has been this way for for well over a decade, it's just part of what makes goon goon

edited to fix some grammar and such*
Hi, Sov basically covered everything I had to say. I just wanted to add that we discussed things in adminchat and agreed that Souricelle's response was not appropriate.
I am the officer in the video who failed to stun him down multiple times.
I agree with Kiki, I do understand some people might feel frustrated, but its not like it happens every single round.
Its a good change from normal rounds.
I think i did frustrate them a bit at some point and that was fun.
i think you can just come up with creative ways to deal with the situation instead of just let it bother you.
As someone who mains RP after being exclusive to classic, I can say that this kind of thing is pretty normal. Most people take it in stride, but it's understandable that some people might have an issue.

There are rounds where a gun that turns people into Tommy Wiseau, rounds where otherwise non-existant antagonists appear, different chaotic messes. And most of the people on classic servers enjoy them because it's something different. One of my favorite rounds is when an admin made me their personal invincible plaything, where no amount of breath holding, self-punching, cyanide ingesting, crusher poking, bible farting attempts at suicide would kill me. And I turned it into someone who was just overly depressed, going "Oh boy, I wonder where the space gods are taking me now" in a sarcastic manner when I suddenly got thrown around again, thrown with enough force to destroy even the walls of the station.

The admins are pretty reasonable. If you ask in an admin help to stop doing a thing because you don't like it, they tend to bug someone who might enjoy it.
Not sure if this is peanut posting, I'm not here for entertainment.

I was HoS this round. Overall I didn't find any of Efrem's "greytiding" to be an impediment to SEC.
The SECOFFS in question chose to interact with and occupy themselves with the glowing staff assistant.
That was their choice. They could've walked away as I did--I Spent the whole round hassle-free.

Notice in the video how, Soon after breaking things--the chutes, and the cell--they were soon fixed thereafter. It didn't last long.
Crew/Non-antags break them all the time.

My only direct interaction with the Admin was attempting to make a joke when he stole the turret for the final time, "Gonna need that back."
While I wanted to make jokes, he took my comment seriously and immediately sprinted to security with it, to place it back for the final time.
I can only say he listened when we expressed ourselves.

I'm unsure if the SECOFF who was supplexed into crit had some sort of interaction, or if it was random violence. I concede, not healing him was inconsiderate.

Overall, while I wouldn't say this post is without merit, I don't see the issue here. Nobody died. Security seemed to be having fun being terrorized by an admin.
Threats were dealt with and the admin shenanigans ultimately didn't impede the department any more than they impeded themselves.

With regards to the initial complaint, I'm basically just going to re-iterate what has already been said by others. The level of admin "gimmick" you encountered was, by our standards, fairly light. While we do often try to keep admin round interventions as creative as possible, we do sometimes just mess around as a wildcard. Regardless, these sort of gimmicks are permissible on the classic servers, but not as much on the roleplaying servers. If you want to avoid any sort of tomfoolery, I would encourage sticking to those. That being said I can appreciate how any admin intervention whatsoever can be surprising or concerning as player used to the roleplaying servers, so please don't feel bad about making this thread.

Now, regarding souricelle's reply to your post. Responding in a dismissive manner to players is not how we want to conduct ourselves as admins. Following an internal discord discussion, souricelle has decided to resign from the admin team effective immediately. Their decision is not entirely a result of this thread, but more of an overall sentiment over a longer period of time.

I'm going to close this thread now as I feel everything has been covered, and your most recent reply suggests as such. Please message me on discord if this is not the case. Have a good Friday!

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