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Share Robust Knowledge
at every start of the round, be sure to drink at least a pitcher of water.
In your time of need. use *Piss to lay down a defensive puddle which may slip them, or if nothing else, gross them out enough to dissuade their violent intentions.
(08-10-2021, 04:17 PM)Souricelle Wrote: press ctrl+f to do a flip

It's ctrl+r

Ctrl+f is the equally important shortcut for farting
someone is too much of a noob to spot the joke smile
click until horizontal
Some nukie tips:
Stay within eyesight of the nuke, but dont crowd the nuke.
AOE damage can be good, but its risky with friendly fire.
If someone takes the rocket, stay the fuck away from them.
Locking your pods is bad. Nobody can board a nukie pod without an agentcard, anyway. It just stops you from escaping into a nukie pod if your being chased, or slows you from pulling the nuke/tablecrate out of the pod.
Elaborate plans suck. The most planning you should do is "Warp hangar, go up." and maybe send someone in to rogue the AI.
Dont plant next to walls if you can avoid it, and if you do, hold both sides of the wall.
Tables can be useful, but dont table 90% of your team away from the nuke.
The syndie donk is a free "Round two" when you go crit.
You dont have to buy noslips if you set your intent to walk.
Sitting in a pod and defending the flank is always a good idea. You can always exit the pod if needed. (Grab the weapons on the table)
Grab the acid proof mask and fill your oxy.
Theres a free pda bomber pda in the locker!
While AOE, so risky, the grenadier has the most damage vs crew potential.
Shooting the nuke damages it. DONT SHOOT THE NUKE.
lastly, never take your eyes off the nuke, if you can help it.
Team up with other people
n20 and acid is incredibly good for silent murder
(08-15-2021, 07:21 PM)Froggit_Dogget Wrote: Elaborate plans suck. The most planning you should do is "Warp hangar, go up." and maybe send someone in to rogue the AI.
I think it's important to have an idea about what role you're going to play once on station.
For instance, pick who will lead, who is going to defend the nuke, who is going to run interference.
An important part of that is taking into account your gear and role.
For instance, if you're a heavy with the LMG, you're way more suited to staying near the nuke. If you're an Infiltrator or Grenadier, you can do a lot of damage flanking the crew fighting at the front line.
You can desolve pills by using them on a beaker.

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