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Share Robust Knowledge
Post tips on how to kill someone more easily. Any tips on how to ling, greytide, or WRASTLE better is welcome.
Try not to repeat what's on the wiki.
Here's one; A crowbar is a nice emergency weapon you can fit in your belt. It only deals 7 dmg but deals 35 stam. It might NOT be as powerful as the fire extinguisher but you can take it out of your belt at a moments notice.
Food heals you
Hunchback is incredibly easy to make and pretty much better calomel. Use it
Stab yourself if you're fighting a guy with a welder they might try to cauterize you instead of hitting you

Set c saber users on fire so they have to roll when they block instead of going into deflect mode
Tip for AIs:

Don't just set turrets in your core/upload/computer core/armory to lethal, keep them disabled (either by tricking victims into thinking you're still friendly or that the area is actually depowered and safe to enter) until they pass a door or at least fire lock which you can then close as you turn the power back on.

Crucially, if taser bolts can hit your target, stun them first. Sure lasers will kill them faster but if they're stunned they'll be significantly more likely to die.
Always know the ID wire if you are greytiding, it is faster and more silent than crowbaring it after you find it out.

Carry a flash or 2 if you want to be able to easily win 70% of fights because almost no one has flash protection 24/7.

If you are going to fight sec, take meth, get some cyberorgans, anything that might make your stamina regeneration get really high is very good against them.

Carry a box of donk pockets or just a medkit around, those can really save your life, or really just keep you going until you can get to medbay.

Get a friend, this game is way easier if you don't do everything by yourself.
Be faster then everyone. If your faster you win.
Know what can stun and for how long. Glass tables, and vending machines are RNG but fight winners if RNG is on your side.
Get good at clicking without being clicked. Its a skill.
Laying down, minus the first half second, lets you dodge all stun weapons.
cyber appendix, cyber pancreas are gamer.
Two robo arms let you break cuffs instantly.
Play your environment, not so much your opponent.
In addition to what Arthur said about donk pockets, the multitool special can be used to heat up donk pockets instantly on the go.
(08-08-2021, 06:29 PM)THISISANICEGAME Wrote: Carry a flash or 2 if you want to be able to easily win 70% of fights because almost no one has flash protection 24/7.

just don't use this advice to always grab a flash on RP.
Always grab flash resistance, it’s incredibly useful as it blocks from revs, vampires, nerds with flashes etc. A few pairs of sunglasses spawn on the space diner npcs.

Faint signal has a robotics fab which is a good way of obtaining flashes as a rev, regular crew member, or antagonist.

Meat cleavers deal 12 brute and cause a surprising amount of bleed. Space diner vendor also has one in the vending machine.

When fighting against sec be careful not to use up all of your stamina as it can easily allow for sec to get instant knockdowns on you.

Sci pdas come with a built in reagent scanner. Incredibly useful for checking yourself, other people, objects, etc for harmful chems.

Plates are an instant disarm when used on harm intent, grabbing one from the bar can grant a massive advantage against people with better weapons.

Using a flash inhand does an aoe disorient which makes downing somebody with a flash much easier.
When poisoning surgery tools aim to use circular saws as they do more damage and therefore get the chems in quicker, Some good dipping chems could include polo, perf, or space drugs.
Make chemgroups for medical chems and have them accessible so you can get yourself out of trouble quickly when medbays fucked.

Being able to make Ammonium Bicarbonate, Pot Iodine and mannitol in a pinch could be the difference between a ling eating you or not.

You get a small amount of Epinephrine from sugar so downing a can or two of soda will heal a small amount over time. This works even on too low health for food to work if you dont have that perk.

When making robust mixes stuff stacks. You can double the stamina regen of meth just by adding nicotine and sugar. For a poor mans meth just a coffee is +2 stamina regen, throw a can of soda with sugar for another +2 stamina which makes a small amount of ephine for another +3 stamina. Thats 3/4 of a disarm worth of stamina regen extra every chem loop (~every 4 seconds). So if you take all the drugs at once you become very quick, very unstunnable and very difficult to stop.

This is also true for healing and hellchems. More chemicals = more things doing stuff per chem cycle = more results quicker.

If you find a light grenade leave it outside security for free sec gear.

Be nice to borgs & AI. An emagged mediborg may decide to actually heal you instead of inject you with nasty if you gave them a decent artcell earlier. They can also be an antags most fearful weapon, who needs to robust all of sec if they are bolted into a plasma fire.

An AI can also summon nanomed and dispense meds remotely pretty much anywhere in the station. A quick request for pot iodine at mining magnet could save you the irradiated walk of shame to medbay. They can also summon portamed so if your friend is dying and you cant be bothered dragging them all the way from bar to medbay try ask AI for portamed.

Never reveal your best secrets cause they get nerfed.
Main clown.
Gracias por compartir wink
Thank you for sharing
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