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I'm bored today, might as well waste my time with this.
Dear readers, if you don't know who I am, I might as well share a little of my past. A long time ago, I decided to become a citizen of a city called Geminus. The city was a mining colony turned settlement, I had arrived to seek "a higher standard of life" and also find my brother who was imprisoned there. What I found instead was a dying town filled with the worst of what capitalism could bring. The police were inexorably linked with the bourgeoisie. The president, Jack Knight, was a former Head of Police, owner the the most popular bar, and the current president during its final years. Private business were owned by the worst and most cut-throat members of the "community". I had a part-time job as a cargo man, hired by the government thankfully. 

Every single day was 23 hours of endless alienation, every time I tried to branch out to other ventures they were shut down. I bought mining equipment and mined ore endlessly, only to realize that the ore market had underwent such inflation that diamonds and gold proved worthless. I took on building myself a home because of the extremely high cost of private property, only to be arrested by the police and thrown into prison for a month. I was able to set up a "lemonade stand" of sorts that sold home-made weapons, food, clothing, herbs, and even scooters I made with metal rods. The police forced me to dismantle the shop or face prison time, like my brother. In my final days in the city, I spent my time fighting spiders mutated by the chemical waste thrown into the sewers and writing about my disillusionment with the city in an abandoned building I called home. 

During these last days I was beat up by a wealthy hotel owner named Cecil along with Jack Knight himself, for sleeping in a room left behind by a bourgeoisie member who died a few months back. The medical costs took away the last remnants of cash I had. In a few more days, people started leaving as the sun our planet revolved around was calculated to explode soon. I walked around the ghost town and met the last person i will ever meet there, she shot at me for driving a home-made spear into Cecil's skull in the road. I never found my brother, i presume he was murdered by the bourgeoisie and the police at this point.

Now why do I write of this experience? Because a few years later i will be HERE, on this station. The same features that made Geminus a capitalist hellhole can be applied here. I must say, not having to pay medical bills or even food is somewhat of an improvement, but the core issues are still there. In the end, alienation of work, constant threats from external competition, the presence of the bourgeoisie, failures of the system to pay its workers, overreliance on foreign trade to bolster the economy (Cargonia), inefficiency in food production, and the general corporatism/ capitalism of NT is destroying this station.

There is only one feasible action to take to resolve these issues, REVOLUTION. I had heard fellow comrades complain of the notion, saying its a practice taken by the Syndicate, BUT THATS THE POINT. The Syndicate are a bunch of bourgeoisie pigs who only take advantage of misguided revolutionaries to do their biding. If we are to conduct a true revolution, we must do it with the people, not the Syndicate. In the plan, the workers must seize the means of production, educate themselves, form worker-based militias, and overthrow the bourgeoisie. 

In order to do what was stated above, we must take control of Cargonia, Hydroponics, Medbay, and other constituent departments in order to supply the revolution and ensure our material conditions remain ripe. We must understand that in order for this revolution to work, violence must take place in order to take down the bourgeoisie and their sec crooks, who will NOT go down without a fight. Weapons such as fire extinguishers, knives, crowbars, etc, should be mass produced and handed out, with the help of mech lab preferably. After the bourgeoisie are taken down, we should educate every revolutionary worker with the skills required to do most department jobs so that the means of production are squarely in the hands of the WHOLE. Medbay, Cargonia, cafeteria, and others will all become public for the benefit of the proletariat.

HOWEVER, we must remain vigilant after the revolution. If NT or even the Syndicate come to retake the station, we must be prepared. Weapons seized from the bourgeoisie and Security must be mass produced and handed out to the worker-militias. Only when the new founded communist station is secured, can we move on to improving the lives of each proletariat even further. 
So I encourage you NOW, organize and seize the means of productions today and try to establish the paradise so many in the past have tried. Become the first socialist experiment to truly SUCCEED.

-Solomen Reddy/ John. [Image: 37922um6dae11.jpg]

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