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Lifted Typhol banned by tterc
Who banned you?: - tterc
Byond Key: - Typhol
Discord Username: - Typhol#6914
Date of Ban: - saturday 7 august 
Specified Reason for Ban: - not on my pc right now but I remember. 

It said don't play on rp servers and use stun gloves and threatene to make pipe bombs and stuff.
Ban Length: - 1 week
What led to the ban?: - I was doing my first run as engineer and didn't really know what to do. This other engineer got the engine running and told me not to touch anything. I was super bored so I went to the wiki. It told me to make stun gloves for fun so I did. Didn't bother anyone with them without asking for permission first. Then I was asking how to make a pipe bomb as a joke to my fellow engineer who was angry at me. She got worked up and told security who agreed that it was probably a joke. I asked how bad people  mess the engine up just so I knew how to fix it. They also took that against me. 
Why am I appealing?: - I just want to say that it was my first time as engineer and my other co-worker wouldn't even let me touch the engine nor teach me. So I got bored and basically made what was on the wiki. I love playing on the rp server and my other rounds are always good and fun. I just ask that the ban be reduced or lifted. I also got no chance to state my side since I had to cry, (log off) and i came back banned.
Which rule did you break?: - roleplay rule 2?
Evasion Attempts: - nope

I'd like to comment on this appeal as I was the other engineer this round, Samantha Vandergriff.

You appeared to be AFK or SSD at the beginning of the round, and I was setting up the engine when you were AFK. The reason why I told you not to touch the engine was mainly because I don't know how to fix a broken engine, but also because you were AFK and did not know what I had already set up.

You actually did scare me when you asked all your questions about how to blow up the engine, or asked a mechanic for a timer and an igniter. You tried to make a flamethrower, /actually/ made stun gloves, and told me that you wanted to hack the Security doors. This was on the Morty RP server.

I don't think any reasonable Engineer would ask how to blow up the engine, ask for bomb parts, attempt to hack the Security doors, or make a flamethrower all in one round. You did also punch me for giving Security your Stun Gloves.
This is not me bumping my thread, this is just a more elaborate version of what I wrote since I am on my pc now and have access to everything. (Please read this instead of my initial post.)

Who banned you?: - tterc
Byond Key: - Typhol
Discord Username: - [i]Typhol#6914[/i]
Date of Ban: - 7/7/21
Specified Reason for Ban: - If the only things you want to do on the RP server is making stun gloves, pipebombs and talking about the things you want to blow up, stick to the nonRP servers. I'm week banning you from RP servers only.
Ban Length: - 1 week
What led to the ban?: - So I logged in my first run as an engineer and was excited to do some cool stuff and have fun with the engine among other things. So as soon as I go to the engine the other engineer who has replied above this (whom I will address) decided to say "don't touch anything", when I asked if I could learn she said "I'm new too". So she did manage to get the engine running which I congratulate her for  but the point is I was left with not much to do. So I went on the wiki and did some fine tuning with the solar arrays as it said I should. Now the wiki has some let me say troubling stuff on it. It told me to make stun gloves if I have nothing to do as an engineer which I did. These gloves weren't really a big deal they were just gloves that looked cool. As a engineer I also said that since everything's working now I'm gonna wait since something blows up so I can fix it, but until then I was gonna learn more. The reason I was talking about pipe bombs is due to the wiki also saying that engineers can make pipe bombs. Which is interesting to say the least and all I said was that i'm gonna make a pipe bomb as a joke. Even security agreed that I am not a threat and I'm just joking. I never talked about anything I wanna blow up (I don't think). I just asked how a bad guy could mess with the engine which is normal since I wanna know how to fix it. I believe even in real life engineering is all about fixing stuff and reverse engineering things to figure out how they work. 
Why am I appealing?: - I want to appeal because I believe I was just doing what was on the wiki on things to do as engineer on your free time. I'm not gonna say I was completely not wrong since I was quite rude to the other engineer after she took my stun gloves. I just think that this one shift which I left after like a few minutes in shouldn't sum up my whole rp gameplay. "[i]If the only things you want to do on the RP server" Its not the only thing I do, normally I am very committed to better rp and this was an isolated incident when I was new to a job and didn't know when I was crossing the line and I aplogise for that.[/i]
Which rule did you break?: - Roleplay rule 2?
Evasion Attempts: - No

Addressing the other engineers comment. 

Hey azzy, I was only AFK in the beginning of the round for under a minute as I remember (not sure but it wasn't long). You could have very easily told me what you were doing instead of telling me "don't touch anything'". I hope you understand that other people in the same job as you want to help and have fun too, which is not possible if they don't get a chance to do the main thing there job is for. As I said I asked for igniter to make a flamethrower as side project which I would have gotten a permit for from the HOP. I made the stun gloves since wiki told me, and the hacking security idea door was also thanks to the wiki.... 

If you have ever known a engineer in real life you would know they have tendency to break things apart just to see how they work. My uncle is a engineer and whenever he gets something he always asks himself how he would break it and how it works! I was asking for those parts for a different reason which can be found on the wiki and I told you I was making a bomb just as a joke. I never attempted to hack security doors, that was rather just an idea again thanks to the wiki. Also many jobs entail doing that stuff as a non-antagonist such as a mechanic wanting to get a scan on security tasers. Making a flamethrower which can be found quite easily anywhere was just a project since I had nothing better to do. The punch was an accident I was trying to alt + click you anf accidentalty switched to harm intent. 
Hi, thanks for the appeal.
I week banned you from RP servers because of your overall conduct during the round, and because I couldn't reach you anymore after you logged off.
Due to RP rule 5 (Play as a coherent, believable character that you enjoy portraying.) we pay close attention to the players who use the RP server to test bombs, hoard weapons and powergame with very little RP reason, and this is the vibe I feel was coming off from you, at the time. You were also very defensive when confronted about it by other players and quite rude (calling the other engineer "little bitch", for instance.).
Being an engineer definetly isn't about constructing flamethrowers, pipebombs and hacking doors all over the station, and I'd like you to keep that in mind. As for the wiki, I agree it might be a bit misleading, since some articiles may not be written with RP servers in mind, due to the fact that RP servers having a large and active playerbase is a relatively new thing on Goonstation.
I'm going to lift this ban, since it's been one day and I think that's good enough of a punishment, but please re-read the RP rules:

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