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Louise Brendan Mortimer [Referral Mail Thread]
Sent: October 29th, 2053

On account for the good behavior shown by one of our inmates, Louise Brendan Mortimer, this letter is to be sent as a recommendation and referral for him to go into an entry position in the security department at one of your stations. 
After a police raid in 2048, Louise was one out of the sixteen others at the scene that were taken into custody. All having shown glaring red signs of confusion, amnesia, and dissociation, all inmates were released periodically in 2049 among mental instability + good behavior.
Louise had a good relationship with the guards, and apparently showed an interest in having a job like them, which is the reason I'm sending this to you now. 
We believe an entry position would do him some good, and for him to distance himself away from what he had used to be. This would also be a healthy learning experience for him as well. Louise shows little signs of remaining (hazardous) mental instability.
(Please note that according to records, there is no Louise Brendan Mortimer. Referring to him as his fake name would also be good for him, we believe.)


Sent: November 4th, 2053

Request accepted, we also notice your request to keep his false name, which will also be accepted.
Louise Brendan Mortimer will start work upon a NanoTrasen station as security assistant at the next opening.

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