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Denied Teatime for Heraclius banned by leeanei - sorry mods
Who banned you?: leeanei
Byond Key: - Justinian / Teatime for Heraclius
Discord Username: - Not on Discord
Date of Ban: - 23/07/21
Specified Reason for Ban: - "Red flags raised in appeal about how I view authority" - thread here:

Ban Length: - Not specified

What led to the ban?: - A robustly argued thread after the ban

Why am I appealing?: -  Mods - I have been excessively critical and belligerent about the original ban and Sec ban. It is upsetting to feel misunderstood and not listened to but I should have accepted this and not proceeded to waste your time and mine trying to deconstruct your actions - as if it would make any difference anyway. To those who have felt accused or attacked or moved to write long responses that I tried to one-up - I apologise. It's just a game and I shouldn't let my frustration from other areas in life lead to a multi-day futile pissing contest. Thank you for your final comment in the last thread, Leeanei, I appreciate your effort to explain in a calm and friendly manner. I will do as instructed and show rather than try to convince you of my RP credentials. 

Which rule did you break?: -I couldn't find a rule related to this.
Evasion Attempts: - No attempts to evade.
Thank you for reading and understanding my final post. This appeal will also be closed and denied.

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