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Nullification Genes are not compatible with one another
Remember, Antags can grab gene mod's too. 

Also, anaerobic is really good for combat. the high oxy is what kills you when your injured. With anaerobic I was able to heal myself from -200 several times. Unless your beat to -300 or your RNG is really bad you likely will not die with anaerobic. As an antag, thats really useful! Thermal resistance is also amazing. Not only is it a space suit, BUT! with internals on, you can plasma fire a hallway, and still be able to traverse it! Then the only people who can go through it is severely reduced! Rad isnt too good unless your throwing erebite, or want to kill people during a radstorm, but hey! it has its niches! Also, SMES also makes it so they cant be an organ junky, as it will kill any cyber hearts. Tasers also work against someone with SMES, or a Mutadone Hypospray!

Id say gene mods have more uses AS  an antag then surviving one.
I feel like pointing out that you can kill the majority of geneticists by just walking in, grabbing them aggressively, walking to space, and throwing them out.
(07-26-2021, 04:35 PM)Mouse Wrote: I feel like pointing out that you can kill the majority of geneticists by just walking in, grabbing them aggressively, walking to space, and throwing them out.

About to edit my post about this information.

What other job can you say for certainty that you can just walk up to them and fuck them up?  As long as you're silent about it, Geneticists don't notice shit around them.  They have this massive screen taking up half their sight, and they're unlikely to look away from it to even check the radio.

If it weren't for other people potentially seeing them, you could probably choke one to death on the spot, and they wouldn't do anything until it was too late. Possibly with another geneticist in the room at the other computer.
(07-26-2021, 04:37 PM)Technature Wrote: What other job can you say for certainty that you can just walk up to them and fuck them up? 
Botany is usually full of really new people-- as long as you clear every chainsaw from the room and drag out all the bees you can probably take on a few of them. 
(07-26-2021, 03:21 PM)Ikea Wrote: I mean I did say confront sec, not confront a sec off, this isnt me like, plotting against you, this is just not me communicating greatly. Like I guess sure I could use a gun, but like, is that good design? The majority of ranged weapons can be situationally hard countered by something thats just dependent heavily on 2 people. Like, if we're designing it to where, oh actually energy weapons can just randomly be useless lol, I dont think thats good design. Like, hard counters can work, see sunglasses and flashes, but like those are consistent, you can reasonably know who has them and plan flash usage accordingly. If someone has thermal resistance or not mostly just relies on if someone is doing something. idk if like, lasers need to have this downside of, actually rng says fuck you theyre now useless in this scenario, why?? Like, idk should we just replace the laser rifle that predator gets (which keep in mind is the primary weapon of that antag) just because we want to design this game around things suddenly becoming useless. Like, that doesnt sit right with me.

To me if lasers needed a hard counter, why not make laser damage tied to the stat of fire resistance, that way people can reliably get fire resistance, and its something that you actively consider when using fire weaponry. Thermal resistance is rarely in play in a round, so you cant really account for it, but if its tied for fire resistance, you can always expect that there'd be some people trying to counterplay you. (Note I dont think tying it to fire resistance would really be good, it doesnt seem like itd add anything to the game.)

I'm sorry but there are multiple things I need to point out. Firstly, can't you just wear a gas/skull mask to hide the fact you have sunglasses on? I mean, it's rather unintuitive to examine every single target ya wanna kill right, and after all, they might use the "cognitive haze" mutation to not even let you see. Also, doesn't thermal resistance cause you to have a red and blue overlay on your sprite for people to recognize you have that mutation? 

But most importantly, I remember some GUY in ooc chat saying Goon, but honestly most ss13 servers, is about learning to laugh instead of getting mad. THIS DOESNT MEAN IGNORING GREIFING BEHAVIOR, but it does mean not getting to bummed out when you inevitably die due to an antag who pulls a c-saber right behind you, or when you get hounded by all of sec. Sometimes, you just gotta take the L and live with it. I'm not sure if everyone's gonna get on board when your thought process would imply macro bombs, c-sabers, microbombs, ling neurosting, vamp flashes, and others are all subject to a nerfing. LIKE, I know antags are supposed to have an inherent advantage against the crew, but 90% of the time, if the antags aren't stupid, THEY WIN IMMEDIATELY against any crew member with thier equipment. Having genetic immunities isn't much of a counter against a fucking c-saber, katana, shotgun, predator revolver, or a fucking explosion they dont even know about that can insta gibb them when you die! In fact, i think getting killed on the shuttle because someone had a macrobomb implant needs more attention than if geneticists worked hard enough for half an hour and was generouse enough to share like 5-10 immunity mutations that made everyone's life easier. The most important uses of anaerobic resperation, thermal immunity, or antitoxin production were when someone vacuumed half the station, created a plasma fire or tried to get an easy meal as a ling. 

Overall, I'm not suggesting there be no changes EVER, but this one does sure seem to on the less important side. And Ikea, I didn't get what your hard counter to lazers was, did ya mean tieing the thermal resistant mutation to your fire-resistant stat affected by clothes? Solely because you can see if your laser-based weapons would deal damage to them? I'm pretty sure thermal immunity has a visible overlay for you to discern. Also, your hypotheticals like disarming a sec with SMEs from has a sec baton or fighting sec officers with a laser gun doesn't seem to be that much of a reoccurring balance issue honestly. But I don't actually have a problem with lasers being able to do damage to people with thermal immunity, purely because it's kinda silly for such a dangerous-looking projectile to do no damage at all.

By the way, when did anyone ever care about Goon's game design, I thought it was supposed to be this niche game ran on a niche group of people who never really cared about striving for perfection.
its kinda embarrassing seeing how people already addressed some of my points while i was writing this.
I know other people have already mentioned it, but the geneticist department is incredibly exposed, depending on map. Even if it's not, the genebooth is still not impervious to explosions.
On Cog1, you can disable the entire genetics department with a screwdriver and a wirecutter, walk up to the APC and snip, entire department temporarily gone.
If you want to be extra dastardly, inject a big power cell with plasma, unlock the genetics APC, short-circuit it for extra difficulty and swap the cell. They'll have to fix the APC and even if they do, the cell will blow up in their face.

If you think genetics is a problem to your rampage, it doesn't even take 5 minutes to severely gimp, if not entirely disable the department due to crew apathy.

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