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ban appeal Bacon Boy#5022 banned by unknown
Date and time of the ban: like a week ago
Who banned me: unknow
Message given in the kick, if present unknown
Summary of events leading up to the ban: unknown i didnt really care what happened i think i made some one mad
Why I should be unbanned: i just dont remeber why it was banned, if i an forget in a week it probably didnt matter, i just wanna hang out on the discord
Not sure exactly how you "forget" that you DM'd an admin directly and insulted them for banning you from the game, but no thanks, your appeal is denied. If you actually want to be unbanned try to actually put some effort into it. Additionally, follow the proper format for your appeal and consider "remembering" the actual details. You can submit a new appeal in a week from now.

[Image: unknown.png]
in the message do i call YOU a smoothbrain? no, no i didnt even mean you, i just dont like the people on the forums. i think you overreacted considerably

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