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Lifted Viny1 Banned by firebarrage
Who banned you?: Firebarrage
Byond Key: Viny1
Discord Username: I have not joined gooncord as of yet.
Date of Ban: sometime in 2019 im pretty sure 
Specified Reason for Ban: "Opie Gul says, "how about i succ you off in maint". When PMed just sends youtube links. Appeal this on the forum when you are actually ready to talk.
Ban Length: Perma
What led to the ban?:Back in 2019 I got super burned out on ss13 to the point where I decided it would be a good idea to try and get myself banned from as many servers as I could since at the time I didn't see myself ever coming back to the game, to no ones surprise that was a terrible idea and the itch to play again ended up coming back to me a good year or so later. I can assure you I've matured from that mindset overtime and I feel beestation staff would be happy to vouch for me if one is needed as I was a player and staff member for them for some time. 
Why am I appealing?big grinue to unfortunate circumstances the server where I thrived will be shutting down its lrp server so I'm trying to branch out and see if I can find another lrp server I can enjoy and I figured I would finally stop being lazy and give goon code a try not remembering I was banned due to poor choices from the past. 
Which rule did you break?:Rule 4 from the looks of it. 
Evasion Attempts: Not as far as I'm aware though its been so long I honestly could not tell you. 
Hi, Firebarrage isn't around anymore, so I'm taking this over.
Ban's lifted, enjoy.

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