Mentor Application
Usual character name: Bruce Allen McAfee
BYOND username: Mystic_Midgit
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mystic Midgit
Recommended by (if applicable): Quest
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1 Heisnbee

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I have played Goonstation for the better part of over a year. Needing something to do in quarantine, I remembered Sseth's and Mandalore's video's on Ss13 and figured that would be a good way to spend some time as I had all the free time in the world due to reasons. When I first picked up this game up and started on Goonstation I knew that my main department would be security. sadly due to the fact that I literally just started playing, the game wasn't gonna let me run around with a stun baton and taser. However this did not dissuade me, I simply picked the only other security related job open to me, the detective! My point with this little look back in the (In) famous history of me, myself, and I, was to show just how long I've been in security, and while I have had to take breaks from it, I always came back. That said (And not to make this just a copy and paste of my HoS app) I've put effort in learning other departments, namely medical and recently engineering. While I effectively know around 2 things about engineering (Jack and Shit), I am pretty confident that I know the basics of medical and even some more finer stuff, such as delimbing and replacing said limbs, and debraining (Which is important when the criminals give you no choice).

Now as to why I wish to become a mentor, the answer is basically the same as why I wanted to become HoS, I want to help people and be more involved with the community as a whole, and I feel like becoming purple can help me do both these things. While I wouldn't be able to answer science related questions, I am more then confident I can answer Security related questions (And there are a few of those) and maybe some medical questions and atleast one engineering question (How to turn a singo on and how to line wiring).

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading this essay, as much as I did writing it.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): While I do not remember the date of said ban, I was banned for a few hours after saying some slang which's meaning I didn't know at the time. This was a few months ago and I am still ashamed of it!
I've played with Bruce quite a bit. He's a good egg and would make an excellent mentor. +1
Hes good at videogames and definetly hasnt any issues sparing friends. +1

(Good dude)
Good hos, good player, very knowledgeable as well. Would make a great mentor. +1
While my ingame experience with you is limited, I am pleased with how you act on discord and the forums, and you seem like you know your stuff. +1
played with him as secoff, good hos and helpful towards new players. +1
Bruce is active, knowledgeable and generous with his time. The lack of time in other departments can definitely be shored up, but I don't believe any mentor needs to be an expect in everything. But you will learn quite a bit just through seeing other mentors' answer mhelps.

Bruce is far more than knowledgeable on the variety of systems goon has and he's been a pretty positive force a few times that I can recall, +1 here.

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