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Crew Credits should show names people spawned with
I think it would be a lot more useful, if at the end of the round it shows the names people spawned with instead of the last name they had during the round. This could be very useful to identify lings (whether by name or shambling abomination) but also in cases of "frog" or "virtual spectre" for example. 

I already talked about this on discord and an admin (aloe) suggested i post it here to gather your ideas.
To add onto this, if you change your name somehow, like as a ling, it would be nice if it showed both your starting name and who you ended up as, or if possible to list all the names they used that round. Could be neat, and I dont think it would be too hard, just make the game record whoever you turn into and save it for the ending screen, but I have no idea how to code, so prob best to not listen to me.
Yeah, I'd like something like this. Seeing 'VR ghost'/'Unknown'/'Cyborg-420'/'mosquito' in the antag credits doesn't offer much useful information, and listing the names people started the round with would at least guarantee that you get a name. Might not help much during changeling rounds with all the identity confusion, but I find that even then people tend to refer to the lings by their starting name (if it's known, obviously).
I like the idea of displaying all the names owned by a certain player throughout the round, like during wizard rounds for example, would be nice to know who the space goose was before being turned into that.

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