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[MERGED PR] Triple RP hunger motive healing from food
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About the PR
Triples the amount the hunger motive increases from food. This does not affect how chemical reagents impact the hunger motive.

Here is a brief list of how much some common food types will increase the hunger meter before and after the change. Hunger has a max of 100. Some food have reagents that heal hunger as well, so their values are approximate and not exactly tripled in these cases.

- cheeseburger: 24 -> 72
- hotdog: ~36 -> ~60
- plain spaghetti noodles 6 -> 18
- spaghetti with sauce 30 -> 90
- slice of pepperoni pizza 12 -> 36
- slice of chocolate cake ~6 -> ~14

Why's this needed?
From what I understand, the hunger motive in RP mode exists to encourage interaction with the chef and bartender and otherwise get players out of their department and around other players.

Currently, filling a near empty hunger bar requires eating a lot of food. This causes players to eat far faster than the chef can make food, so the chef's counter quickly empties and players stop relying on the chef for their food. It becomes far more efficient to stick with food from vending machines or reagent-based healing such as from chicken soup or sugar. The former can refill the hunger meter from empty to full with a single can from a vending machine. As a result, players tend to stick with vending machines rather than more interactive ways of getting food.

These changes would make a meal from the chef filling. A burger, plate of spaghetti, half a pizza, or hotdog with some fries will heal the hunger bar most of the way. The hope is that the chef will be better able to feed a station and so the crew will turn to them more frequently rather than vending machines or ignoring the motive altogether. Portion sizes will also become more realistic, though that may not be a major concern.


(*)Triples the increase of the hunger motive from eating food on the RP servers.

I like this.
No arguments here. Love this, all for it.
You mean I don't have to eat 4 cheeseburgers because I haven't eaten in an hour? Absurd!
(Please merge, this is great)

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