Feedback Sick Ness Monster - 15/07/2021
I never thought i'd be posting anything here, but today i had my best interaction with an admin and had to talk about it.

I was the MD and was performing surgery on myself during which i dieD, and the roboticist present borged me (just cause they wanted to) and then after a long discussion they put my brain back in my body to clone, unfortunately the power was off by that time and they didnt wanna borg me again as AI was rogue, and i was thrown in disposals. and all of that at the beginning. 
That whole process that took over 7 minutes (knowing i died at around 5 minutes), and i end up still dead in disposals unit.

After that, I used ahelp and Sick Ness Monster revived me (during which my game had crushed) and when the game was back they were there, glad knowing i was alive. 

It was a very frustrationg round for me, a chain of bad events, that were all fixed thanks to Sick Ness Monster.
They were patient, listened to me explaining the situation, fixed it, and even assisted me after i was back and alive.
Thanks for the feedback, Skenn! I'm just glad I was able to help. I thought moving you back into your character might've crashed you, which is why I warped you on to the shuttle. It was nice to see you start moving again!

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