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[MERGED PR] Add Janitor alert to Crisis Alerts
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About the PR
Add's a Janitor Alert to the crisis alerts on the PDA.

Why's this needed?
When you need a janitor in an emergency!


(+)Added crisis alert for janitors to the PDA, let them know of a big mess!

YUS, at long last finally we don't have to play "where the actual fuck is the janitor?" anymore
Just an fyi you can contact station repair to get in touch with janitors but also I love this a lot
I tend to think it would be better to add a 'Custodial Services' or 'Station Cleaning' group to the default message groups. I only just learned that station repair includes janitors, and I don't think that is intuitive. I think doing both is fine too. Maybe a second PR if not included here.

I'm just not sure a player unfamiliar with the details of the crisis alert message would think to use a crisis alert to contact someone about cleaning since it isn't as dangerous as the other alert types.
Giving janitors some coordinates thanks to the embedded GPS information is pretty useful. A simple change, i like it!
Crisis alerts don't give GPA but they do call out the location

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