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Complaint Sourciele Banning me and Accusing me of Making bomb threats
So this happened a while ago. I was so fucking pissed at the time I decided to just wait a while. It's been a while and I'm still super fucking pissed.

A while back, I can't remember how long, a guy self antagged me and I got banned for it. I'm not really sure why the fuck I got banned but that's just the start of it.

After that I write a pretty shitty unban appeal, which did include the entire round in detail. Problem was the way I phrased everything so unseriously made it sound like it was a shitpost. In reality it was just an explanation in case the admin saw things which didn't happen, so they'd have an explaination to whatever the hell the misconception was.

After that they don't respond to the appeal they just tell me they didn't want me to make an appeal. Kind of fair it wasn't very serious. After that I ask why I was banned. They don't respond and deny the appeal.

So first, I want to know why I was banned.

After I spent a few hours talking to a guy about physics in the discord. We're talking about nuclear fusion or fission or something. Like nuclera reactors, nuclerar material that kind of stuff.

I didn't understand how something would be interpreted when I said it. So I'm 17 and I go to highschool. We're talking about the kid who made clocks into a nuclear reactor. I didn't actually bring it up. Anyway, I say "I'm going to take all the clocks in my school and make them into a bomb". Now the reason I said this, is becuase my house dosen't have a lot of clocks. It's cornovirus, and the only place I can think of which has a lot of clocks (that I've been to in the last 2 years), is my school. I don't know if it's worth pointing out but I have ADHD, and the whole bomb threat thing did not once enter my brain. 

So sourciele, the same guy who, on THAT NIGHT banned me for no reason, and DENIED the appeal for NO REASON. ACCUSES ME OF MAKING, A FUCKING BOMB THREAT AGAINST MY SCHOOL. That was NOT what I FUCKING MEANT.

I try to explain this shit, but he's told like 3 fucking admins that I made an FBI worthy bomb threat against my school. I'm so fucking pissed about this. My brother and all my friends go to that fucking school. Now peopole are fucking telling me that the "FBIs gonna get involved" and shit and it still pisses me off.

I'd also like to know why sourciele accused me of "lying in my appeal" when he can check admin logs that I asked that exact question and HE RESPONDED TO THAT QUESTION.

I'd also like to know why sourciele threatened to ban me for longer becuase they didn't like the appeal. Also why they didn't let me mention the ban in the discord. I get that ones not as bad but it's fucking piling on top of all this shit.

I tried really hard to not be mad about this game, like ever, but it's really hard when shit gets as personal as accusing me of threatening bombing my school as some kind of sick joke.


"a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done."


I'm still really fucking mad about this, it's been like 3 weeks but he accused me of threatening to bomb my school. In a. Space station 13. Discord. I just didn't want to take anything in this game personally but now that's clearly fucking impossible.

I took like an almost two week break as well from this game cause I'm so pissed about this but it still is pissing me off

I'm not even that mad if it was a misunderstanding, but he, and the other 3 admins told me to just shut up. So no one let me expain myself and how I accidently said something sounding like that. Of course I want to explain what the fuck I meant, I'm not gonna threaten to bomb all my fucking friends in real life and commit a crime as a fucking joke on a space station 13 discord

Two things I forgot to mention. I wanna know what sourciele meant by "I starting things and ahelp when I lose". I wanna know why they thought that, and I wanna know how it contributed to my ban (like if it was the cause?)
Honestly I'm not going to read all of that. If you want to make a serious complaint it will be reviewed seriously, but the admins aren't here to comb through pages of inane rambling.
maybe I'll come back when you're prepared to read my fucking complaint.

Go fuck yourself

1: Why was I banned
2: why did you accuse me of making a bomb threat
3: what did you mean by "starts things ahelps things when they lose"
4: what did you mean by me "metagrudging", when did I ever do this

there it's in point form

if i could just get an answer to any one of these that'd be nice

I've been trying really fucking hard the last few months to never get mad about anything that happens in this game, and this makes it a lot fucking harder.

Another thing I just remembered is that the guy I was talking to didn't mention the thin I said about my school. I said it and I don't think he responded to it or mentioned it at all. I don't remember cometpley, either way it's worth mentioning sourcele only reported me for "making bomb threats" like 30 minutes after I said it...

Just any response would have helped. Did I misunderstand? Am I mad for no reason?
I have no idea but I've been mad about this for like 3 fucking weeks now.
Quote:Admins may not punish players for complaints or use them against a player. However, this stems from the assumption that all feedback will be made in good faith, and so if there is a clear consensus that a player has made a complaint in bad faith, there will be repercussions. You're free to criticize admins' actions and conduct, and you're also free to disagree with our takes, but please don't devolve to personal attacks or break the rules. The point of feedback threads is to for constructive feedback that we can learn and do better from. Please don't make joke threads, as they'll just be deleted, and you'll be temporarily forum banned.

Per our forum guidelines I'll be tempbanning you from the forums for telling me to go fuck myself. When you regain access, if you'd like to make a new thread, I suggest you take it seriously and keep it to a reasonable length.
dude you accused me of making bomb threats

I am taking it seriously, what part of me is not being serious???
(07-09-2021, 01:36 PM)epic7000 Wrote: A while back, I can't remember how long, a guy self antagged me and I got banned for it. I'm not really sure why the fuck I got banned but that's just the start of it.

You left quite a bit out of your appeal, fwiw.
Bear in mind that this is just my best recollection of events since this all happened like a month ago.

Yeah, the round started with Brent trying to grab the defib in order the setup cryo. He tried to explain what was going on, and an argument broke out... don't recall who started it to be honest but when security eventually showed up after you confiscated his ID you were pretty disrespectful to them and essentially told them no when they tried to resolve the argument.

Shortly after that you ended up in the upload with a staffie friend and you talked openly with your friend about how you were going to annoy a specific player the same way you've annoyed them before and had a big laugh about it. So you upload your "player has ravioli disease/AI annoy them about it" law and the player in question eventually gets tired of being bugged by the AI and you, threatening to crusher themselves if it doesn't stop in five minutes. It was clear they were very frustrated and bothered by the way they were being treated so you changed the law to stop harassing them one minute short of the deadline they set rather than taking their feelings into account and simply respecting them enough to remove the law. The player in question eventually leaves out of frustration and says they are tired of being targeted and they need to take a long break from Goon.

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