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Atrazine (Weedkiller) minor change
Idea for a dumb joke I had, someone recommended me to actually suggest this: Make Atrazine (Weedkiller) increase depletions rates for CBD and THC (things you get from extracting Weed), not really sure what the numbers would be, maybe just 1 more depletion rate, but I thought this'd be a nice pun for Atrazine to have.
that would be funny but kinda dangerous, maybe as an emergency way of getting rid of the high.
Thank you for posting this here! It made me giggle when you mentioned it in the Discord.

I think this is a really fun change... it's a pun and it's an additional use to a niche chemical that Botany has a lot of lying around, but basically never uses.
Sounds fun!
this would be a hilarious thing. weedkiller to kill the weeds. weedkiller to kill the weed.
weedkiller for killing the weed and your brain if you're not careful
It happened.

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