HoS App: Hauntmachine / Angel Copper
Usual character name: Angel Copper
BYOND username: Hauntmachine
Discord username (if you are on our discord): HauntedAngel#8592
Recommended by (if applicable): Ley/Leeanei, Telareti (Artorius)
Goon servers you play: Goon 3, Extremely rarely Goon 4 if it has more pop on it.

Reason for application:
(A note before I start, I don't consider myself to be a good writer at all and English is not my first language, so I apologize if this is difficult to read!)
I have a few reasons for why I’m applying to HoS for the server. The biggest reason is that I like to help people, and I consider the role of HoS as a role that has a tremendous impact in terms of ensuring that people on the server – both antagonists and regular crew members – are having a fun time while they are playing. It’s a role that helps enable fun RP for security, the antags, and the rest of the crew. I love Goonstation, as it’s the only community I feel comfortable with in ss13, and I’d like to do my part to ensure that we’re all having a good time. I think that being an HoS is a good way that I can help do that.   
The second reason is simply that I think it’s important to have an HoS on the security team as often as possible, as it gives the team invaluable leadership and an example to follow, and it’s still fairly common on the RP servers to have rounds with no HoS. Things tend to go a lot more smoothly in terms of sec behaviour whenever an HoS is around, and I would like to help ensure that this role is filled as often as possible on the RP servers. 
Finally, I would like to ensure that players who are newer to sec have an easier time learning the role, and I know from personal experience from relearning the role this year that I always felt more safe and confident in myself whenever an HoS was around, as I knew I could count on them for guidance if I got confused or overwhelmed. I think I am experienced enough in sec at this point that I believe I can fulfill this role for others, and help guide newer sec players. 

Security experience:

My journey into the world of security started last year, on the Nightshade servers. I began playing security on Nightshade because we tended to have shortages of sec fairly frequently, and so I wanted to help with that shortage and make things more fun for the people on the server. From the moment I started playing sec, I was a sec main and played very little else other than the occasional antag or AI round. I was eventually whitelisted for HoS by Tomato on Nightshade and played it whenever I was around.
Around November last year, I took a long break from SS13 due to IRL reasons and would eventually start playing on the Goon RP servers again this year, normally as either Sci, AI, or med doctor. After getting comfortable again with the game and getting a feel for the server culture, I began the process of relearning sec, and I am again a sec main! I really love the role and typically play it almost every round unless I'm really late-joining or I get the odd antag round.
Now then, I'll explain a bit about how I do things as a sec officer. Being that I’m exclusively an RP player, I always try to respond to situations through words first, and I typically take a softer approach when it comes to antags and other troublemakers. Antagonists are typically the main driving force of the story that takes place on the station, and to just go in heavy-handed tasers blazing on an antag and confiscating their uplink within the first 30 minutes will often lead to a much less interesting round. To that end I am fairly lenient within reason towards antags, typically issuing a ticket or going easy on the brig time for a first offense. I try my hardest to play along with antagonists and any gimmick they may be doing for a shift, rather than attempting to be a “super-cop” and thwarting the bad guy at every opportunity. Regarding killing/borging antagonists, it’s something that I do very rarely, but if someone really needs to go, I'll do what I have to. Usually, I’ll only resort to such measures if someone is completely out of control. For instance, if an antag has killed multiple people and been brigged multiple times but shows no signs of stopping their behaviour, I would offer them the choice between execution or borging. Other times I may feel as if I have no other choice is if  an antag that has killed and can easily get out of a brigging – such as vampire – is refusing to serve their sentence, and just keep escaping with their bat form and killing more people. That said, I would much rather talk and RP with antagonists and try to – however fruitlessly – rehabilitate them rather than kill them. Killing/borging an antagonist is putting an end to their story, and so I treat it as an absolute last resort in the case that all other options - talking, warning, ticketing, negotiating, arresting, brigging etc. - have all failed. 
In terms of brig times, I’m normally very lenient. I’ll often start keeping track of time from the moment I get someone in custody and counting that as a part of their overall brig time, as I really don’t like holding someone for an overly long time. I very rarely will brig someone for longer than 2:30, with my brig times most commonly being between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Throughout the entire brigging process, I will continue to RP with and chat with whoever it is I’m processing, and try to probe their character to try and figure out why they are doing whatever it is they are doing this shift. I think that it is very important to continue RPing with people as they are brigged, as it can lead to a lot of fun back and forth, and keeps the person who is brigged from being bored due to being alone in the brig. Not every criminal will respond back to me, but I'll always try my hardest to engage with them.
Regular crew relations is another thing that I’m big on as sec, as I feel many sec officers will over focus on antags without realizing that it’s important for the sec to also have a good relationship with the crew. I find myself often in downtime just simply visiting departments of my own volition and checking in to make sure they’re doing alright and to see if they need anything. Sec isn’t there to be the good guys hunting the bad guys, we’re there to keep the station and the crew mates safe, and I find that the crew will be much more willing to work with me if I’ve shown that I’m invested in their well-being!
A typical round for me involves saying hello to my team to let everyone know that I’m there working with them, followed by getting geared up and then either working the desk if we have no one there, or going out on patrol and checking in with various crew mates as I come upon them, keeping an eye on what’s being said in the radio the entire time. In regards to desk duty, I regard it as being very important, as a lot of the time it's where members of the crew will seek out sec for help, or to make a report on something. I think it's important to have someone at the front desk as often as possible! I keep in constant communication with my team if I’m investigating something, or witnessed something, or apprehended someone… you get the idea. I like to communicate to the rest of the security team anything that may be happening on my end. Sometimes I’ll even communicate for things that don’t necessarily involve me! For instance, if one of my fellow officers has apprehended someone who was set to be arrest, I’ll tell the rest of the team “Officer A has apprehended Crimer B at location C and is bringing them to sec.” I’ll keep up this pattern, patrolling, responding to calls for help/emergencies, and just checking in with crew members to make sure they are doing okay, and make sure everyone gets on that shift change shuttle safely!
Answer two or more of the following:

·        What advice would you give to other sec players?
One of the most common things that newer sec officers can improve on is staying in constant communication with the rest of the team. I’ll very frequently keep the rest of the team informed as I can, such as updating on tickets issued, investigation info, whether someone has been arrested and brigged etc. Staying in communication with your team helps ensure that the team is all on the same page and can operate effectively. In addition to communicating with the team, I think it is also important to be talking to the crew as well. As I said earlier, the crew will be a lot more receptive to you and the rest of security if you take the time to talk to people, and show that you are invested in them. 
I would highly recommend to keep RPing and talking to the people you have been forced to apprehend. Just because you have caught a troublemaker doesn’t mean that the RP stops there. I have very often had a lot of fun with back and forth with antags through the entire apprehension and brigging process. This goes for the brig as well. Whenever I’m antag and have been brigged, I absolutely adore officers who will talk and RP with me while I’m serving my brig time.
As I’ve mentioned previously, treat antags with a gentle hand. They are typically the primary driving force for the RP and events that happen over the course of a round, and so hitting a traitor with a long brigging and confiscation of their PDA after a first offense will likely lead to a round that is less fun for everyone – including yourself. Give the antagonists a chance to do their thing. Also, don’t arrest antags just for being antags! Being a sparkly vampire is NOT a crime in and of itself, but knocking out the janitor and brutally sucking his blood until death is!
Handle situations with the appropriate level of force! A lot of the time, I’ll see sec officers bust out the stun baton as the first resort to a situation. Sec officers should respond with the appropriate level of force to a situation, rather than instantly going for a stun baton and cuffing someone. A lot of the time, if someone who has committed crimes has been compliant with me, I won't even cuff them and I'll just ask them to please follow me to sec - and they often do just that! Also, the flash exists for a reason, and for less severe instances where you have to subdue someone, I think the flash should be used instead of the stun baton. An evil changeling is running amok and has killed 3 people? Sure, you should use the baton to apprehend them if you can. The clown is engaging in fisticuffs with a botanist for not giving the clown weed? Blow your whistle, demand that they stop, and if they don't: flash both of them to break up the fight. 

And as always, I strongly believe that your first method of handling almost any situation should be to use your words! We are here to serve and protect the crew, not abuse them and be a domineering authoritarian. Rather than going to baton the clown causing a disturbance in the bar, instead talk to them and the bartender and see if you can mediate between the two parties. 
Tickets are a fun way of dealing with first or minor offenses. Many offenses and scenarios don’t warrant a brigging, and can instead be resolved by issuing a ticket! There's no need to brig the mime and a staffie for causing multiple disturbances in medbay, including playing with a football and accidently hitting the Medical Director, who decides to complain to sec about it. Simply warn the two of them that the medbay is not a playhouse, and issue them a ticket for "Engaging in rampant unchecked tomfoolery while in the medbay"

I know I'm repeating myself a bit on this point, but keep in mind: Sec isn't a department for players to fulfill their power fantasies, we are not meant to be Supercop/Judge-Dredd type of characters who just go hard on any and all crime! We are meant to facilitate RP, keep the stories going, and look out for the crew. 
·        What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) 
I remember a really fun round recently where Viridis was going around as a vampire with the Red Skull outfit painted green. Viridis was doing a gimmick where he was (as green skull) trying to pin his vampiric crimes - which mostly just amounted to taking a small amount of blood through the ranged ability - on Viridis, while when we talked to Viridis (no longer wearing the green skull outfit) he would claim that he was being framed by the green skull! This was all made even more hilarious when Viridis in full view of all security said “Let me get into character real quick…” and put on the green skull outfit while we all watched. We all played along with it in sec, and the round ended on a comedic note, with us unable to fully solve the mystery of whether or not it was Green Skull or Viridis who was the true culprit, and hoping that an experienced team from Centcomm would be able to crack the case. 
·        What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
Remove getting addicted to coffee! I’ve had rounds where I’ve become addicted to coffee and had to hit the sleeper to get rid of it just by drinking a single cup of coffee from the coffee maker in sec! How the heck do you get addicted by drinking a single cup of coffee?! What's the formula in these things!?

Remove detective from antag list! There's been a lot of times where a detective has been doing stuff that seems antagonistic, but it turned out they were just new and didn't quite get a feel for what you should and should not do while operating within the sec department (such as using lethals on petty criminals). I feel like detective antag just leads to a few too many confusing scenario's where you can't tell if they are just new to the role, and might need some guidance, or they are actually an antagonist who needs to be confronted. I think maybe for the RP server at least, things would be a lot healthier if detective was off the antag list. 
Answer one or more of the following:

·        What’s a security gimmick that you’ve ran or wanted to run?
Monkey security team! I’d love an admeme round one of these days where NT has decided to outsource the security of the station to a crack team of hardened monkey mercenaries, and all security officers spawn as monkey’s.

·       Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

(I apologize in advance... I'm not very good at Haiku in english)

Happy Space Station
before security chase
enjoying the clown

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None to my knowledge. 

sop babys
+1 my experiences with Angel has always been great! they are always trying to rp with antags and the crew and make it fun for everyone no matter who! as a sec officer Angel is great to talk to and i see them have conversations with crew and antags when there is time to and likes to make sure everyone in a shift is having a good time and does not get bored weather its the bartender at a lonely bar or an antag who has a brig time they always try to rp and talk with whoever they can.

in terms of sec work, they always communicate when ever they can and always trys to talk first before anything else and provides tickets before brigs when dealing with antags, they have a fair way of processing crimelords and a way that keeps the shift fun for the crew and the antags. they are someone you can rely on as sec!

overall a well written app and i feel they would make a fun hos and always try to make the shift fair and fun for everyone! +1
While my experiences with you on the sec team have been limited, they've been consistantly solid, and this application really solidified that. You are friendly, and understand how to do your job in a fair and calm manner. +1 from me
Raelly nice app, cute haiku. They are always nice to play with on rounds, really communicative, try solving things RP wise, dont use excessive force and give antags time to set their gimmicks going. +1

When you first came back from your hiatus it was a bit tough getting you to stop your patrolling which was pretty funny, but you quickly relaxed and eased right into the pace of goon RP. Great secoff, will make a great HoS.

You are always a fun person to be in a round with and are good at communicating on comms and in person. Whenever I see you on the team I can be confidant that you will respond to calls in a timely manner. I've also seen you go out of your way to make the round fun for others from not confiscating all of a antags contraband on a first affiance and going along with other players RP ideas.
Angel is a very pleasant officer to be around. Very willing to get drawn into other's rp, especially antags. A fine example of a person who takes "talk first" to heart. I've also never seen her advocate for unnecessarily harsh punishments that would spoil the fun as an antagonist. Active on the radio, talkative and always fun to speak to regardless of the situation.

Pleasant on RP and occasionally goes on main. Very patient and kind, talks first and tries to engage everyone they can. I think they'd be a good fit for HoS.

Heya gang! Just as a sort of edit to this app, as Cal says, I do indeed play on main (goon 1) occasionally now as well hehe. I didn't when I first posted this app, but have been enjoying main quite a bit lately, and I honestly enjoy sec just as much on main as I do on RP. I typically play on main as "Raven Copper". RP is still what I consider to be my main server, however, and it's certainly where I play sec the most. Just figured I'd post this edit anyway in case it's relevant.
can vouch for her, reasonable player and even more reasonable sec


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