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Nanotrasen Crew Records Database: James "Jim" Reaper
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Name: James Disappointment Reaper (Junior)
(Previously had no middle name, recently changed by parents due to not being satisfied with his life choices. When questioned, they said, "Should've been a doctor, he's too fixated on that 'following your dreams' bullshit." When asked about their reasoning for not using James' proper pronouns, they said "He was born a boy, and he always will be."
Gender: AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth)
Preferred Pronouns: They/Them
Age: 21

Physical Description And Notes:
Height: 5'11"
Current Clone Number: Approximately 137 times.
Ethnicity: French-Canadian.
Hair color: Carnation PinkCola before dying it.
Known Traits: Cat Eyes, Survivalist, Claw School Graduate, Hemophilia, Human Torch, Atheist.
Blood Type: A-
Other Information: Multiple scars on lower back, usually covered up by clothing. When asked, James replied, "I'd rather not talk about it." When questioned further, they remarked, "I'll blow a fucking hole in your skull. Stop asking."

Personal Information
Birth Year: 2032
Birthplace: "The Nova Scotia," a former battleship turned recreational space vessel.
Current Residence: The Nova Scotia, though now they have it all to themself.
Parents: James Reaper Sr (Deceased). and his wife, Victoria Leclair (Living, age 61).
Sexuality: Pan-Romantic Asexual, has been romantically attracted to people of various genders, but never wished for more intimate relationships.
Marital Status: Single.
Current Occupation: Geneticist, occasionally observed working in the chapel.
Astrological Sign: Gemini, has commented that they "Never were interested in the subject."
Personality Type: ISTP
Religion: Semi-Atheist, said that they "Don't believe in omnipotent beings like gods, but I do believe in heaven, hell, demons, and angels alike."
Criminal History: Had a troubled childhood with abusive parents, suspected to be the origin of their strange scars. Convicted previously for petty theft, thinking that if they could do criminal acts, they could please their parents, who were previously bank robbers. Found not guilty of murder, the victim in question being his father. While James was playing in the shooting range of The Nova Scotia, their father dived in front of the bullet and took it straight to the lung. They were never rescued in time, his last words to James being "This is all your fault... Heh..." It was found in court that their father dove in front of the bullet to frame James of murder for being a "disappointment to the Reaper family."

Supplementary/Additional Information
Fears: known to have Acrophobia (Fear of heights) and Chronomentrophobia (Fear of clocks.) When questioned about why they were afraid of clocks, they responded with "Ever since I was a little kid, I was always afraid of the grandfather clock down the residential hall of The Nova Scotia. It was imposing, very beautifully carved, and unfortunately, very very loud. Even with my bedroom door closed, I could hear the damn thing chiming from all the way down the hall. I would've asked my parents to get rid of it, but it was passed down in the family since 1889. The moment I got the ship to myself, I dumped that thing off at the nearest landfill. I don't even feel bad. Since then, I've always been afraid of large clocks or ones that make noise. Please don't make fun of me."
Likes: People they can relate to, oversized sweatshirts, hot chocolate, using women's shampoo. When asked about the women's shampoo situation, they said: "Women get to smell like nice things like lavender and apple pie, and they just market men's hygene products as like... teakwood smells or weird, vague concepts, like 'Swaggy Rushing Zephyr.' I just don't get it."
Dislikes: Leather texture, being in confined spaces with other people, shredded pork.

Favorite TV Series: "Really close tie between Adventure Time and Regular Show."
Favorite Movie: WALL-E.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Cosmopolitan
Favorite Animal: Raven
Favorite Weapons: Winchester 1887 (Longarm), Colt Single Action Army (Pistol), Katana (Edged Weapon).
Favorite Monkey: Albert
Favorite Station Pet: Heisenbee

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