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[MERGED PR] Door health nerf
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About the PR
Reduce door health by around 50%.
Scales explosive, radiation, fire and projectile damage to match previous behavior.
Tidies weird cutting tool code that actually caused 5x damage. Buffs breaching hammer slightly to compensate.

Why's this needed?
Recommended by MBC to reduce door health by around 70%. Went with 50% for simplicity.
Doors are incredibly strong. It takes 5-6 hits (15 seconds approx) of a Breaching Hammer to get through the flimsiest door and 12 hits (35 seconds approx) to get through command doors. This is with a dedicated, two handed tool that does 125 damage to doors!
The next strongest common melee weapon, a baseball bat, takes 50 hits to break a standard door, with most doors actually being pyro doors with 1200 health.


(*)Made doors half as strong, you can now break them this century. Explosive/fire/projectile scaling is adjusted so it will still take the same number of bullets to destroy a door.

Only problem is that this buffs the already OP csaber. It broke doors slightly faster than a breaching hammer due to it's attack speed, with this change it is now even better.
I can't see a good way to scale this, it's just due to the pure damage.
Would make more sense to buff the breaching hammer instead of nerfing all door health.

Breaking into areas through physical bruteforce should be intentionally hard (like impossibly hard), otherwise you will have broken unreplaced doors everywhere from every guy with a toolbox and a spare few minutes.

It's already incredibly easy to break into areas via hacking, this doesn't feel necessary.
It's a 50% reduction. From roughly 133 baseball bat hits (two minutes ish) to 66 (one minute ish) for a command door. You'd still have to smack the weakest door 33 times with a bat.

It would go from something that never happens to occasionally happens.

Tools as are you say, incredibly easy and will still be a much better option.
I break down doors a bunch.  Personally I'd buff the hammer, either by increasing the damage against doors or just plain putting it at normal attack speed.
Nerfing door health seems like the better option to me, since they're so damn tanky nobody really thinks of bashing one down as an option right now. You'll be through quicker and with less tedium dismantling a reinforced wall atm.

As a sidenote I think this nerf also extends to firelocks (specifcally 600->400), is that intentional?
One of my earliest memories of the game was just waiting about 5 min to try to destroy and door and giving up due to nothing happening. It should have higher speed to knock down doors.
I think it should be noted that multiple people can bash a door at once. Breaking through a door quickly should be a team effort imo, unless using specific tools.
I do think doors needed to have their health reduced and am curious to see what exactly a 50% reduction does in terms of practical outcomes in round.

I consistently see situations where nukies plant a breaching charge on a door, with the clear common sense expectation that the door is the weak link in terms of entry to an area... only to see the adjacent walls go and the door still be standing there.

Beyond that it's a good outcome, in my opinion, having experienced more than a few situations where I end up stuck inside a room with some pretty hefty items but no tools to hack the door. Being able to realistically bash down a door with a fire extinguisher, given enough time, if nobody is responding to my radio calls feels like a better option than just suiciding or disconnecting entirely.
To add, it's really difficult for the crew to replace an airlock (with the same access) versus repairing walls and windows. You would have to rely on whether the mechanic scanned it before it blew up.

There's the CE's RCD but replacing doors is the last thing it would be used for (and most repair crew won't have any access to that). If this is implemented there needs to be significantly easier ways for crew to replace broken airlocks.
Considering all it takes to break down a normal wall is a welder and a wrench and like 20 seconds making doors relatively the same amount of effort should be a thing. Command and security doors though because they are usually surrounded by Rwalls should be strong as fuck.
way beyond the pr scope and something that a coder nerd would have to handle, but i think a good middle ground could be that doors overall have their current health, but when they get down to ~1/2 or 1/3 health they enter a broken, half-open state where they can be freely entered (think the broken waste disposals door in cog 1). They still exist, so they could be given repairs and returned to an operating state.

Would mean that permanently deleting a door would still either take a ton of time or a lot of firepower, as per the current methods, but allow a focused, uninterrupted effort to maybe eventually break past a door.
Yes I think there are two other things that need to happen to doors.

1. Doors should have a damaged state for conventional damage instead of just vaporizing. That can be kept for explosives.
2. Replacing doors needs to be easier.
Don't nerf command, security, and AI doors though. This PR needs a little refining, I don't think you should just nerf all doors across the board. 2-3 staffies with fire extinguishers will be an absolute monstrous force for making breaches into areas, and with doors being. A pain in the ass to make and then set access for, ehhh

Imo, close this, buff the breaching hammer, and refine this pr and I'd definitely think it could be interesting.
Why shouldn't 2-3 staffies be able to breach doors when bashing them with fire extinguishers 80 times?

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