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MooMoo Hoofers Cattleton
"HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG" (Before dispensing milk); "Blerg" (Sometimes when falling); 

MooMoo Hoofers Cattleton

[Image: J9WtqVh.png]

Do-Good Cow; (Based off of the personality I strive to be IRL because I'm unoriginal)

Physical Description:
Age: 20
Bloodtype: Fresh Milk
Build: Bovine
Clone Count: Not often but over time, too many to remember.
Disabilities: Moo can find it hard to socially connect with people on a deeper level than the surface.
Distinguishing Features: Usually upbeat personality with a bovine appearance. White horns to distinguish from other bovines.
Ethnicity: Bovine
Eye color: White
Horn color: White
Height: 6'1"
Traits: Bovine, Human Torch, Hemophilia, Petasusaphilic, Cat eyes, Slow Metabolism, Atheist.
Weight: 155 lbs

Personal Information:
Alias: Moo or MooMoo
Birthdate: 2035
Birthplace: Washington, USA, on nice cozy farm.
Biological Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Bi-Gender. Either He/She works but most examining Moo will see "they".
Current Residence: They live planet-side in Washington still, near their birthplace but a couple cities over.
Economic Status: Moo was fortunate enough to be in a middle-class family by birth which encouraged him to pursue Medical and space travel.
Education: Bachelor's Degree at Seattle's Medical University.
Hobbies: Creating; Moo loves information, creation, and technology.
Marital Status: Single; is attracted to wholesome people.
Attraction: Moo is a platonic, a-sexual, hetero with polyfluidity. Moo could be interested in anyone, just that they haven't been with anyone outside of hetero yet.
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: Moo isn't under contract with anyone but NT so you won't ever find them working for someone else unless they've been brainwashed.
Occupation: Medical / Chemistry - Janitor as a summer job since they enjoy cleanliness.
Personality Traits: They are a strong advocate for wanting to do the right thing. They will always try to help but will also ignore commands/orders if Moo feels the command interferes with saving someone or doing the right thing. They don't like hurting people and often refuse to unless there is little option otherwise. They are vastly curious and love to learn, teach, and explore new concepts.
Personality Type: INTJ
Previous Occupations: Bartender, Security Officer, Administrator
Religion: Weak Agnosticism
Zodiac: Isn't interested; Taurus 

Supplementary Information:
He is good at: Medical chems, creation, and design.
He is terrible at: Socializing properly
Things you may know about this character: You can request milk at any time with scarring results.
Things you may not know about this character: They can get depressed from time to time.
His greatest achievements so far: Revived and restored a puritain to stable full health after cloning accident.
Admires: People that teach/help/are kind to others.
Likes: Headpaps, Cute animals, information, exploration.
Dislikes: Curt-ness, people entrusted with responsibility to become lazy with it, hostility.
Fears: Cattle prods; being framed for something cruel that could tarnish my ideology/name.
Favourite Drink: Mojito (But don't tell Beepsky); non alcoholic, I enjoy a nice hot tea for a treat but I commonly drink water 90% of the time.
Favourite Animal: Bumblespider
Favourite Colour: Deep Royal Purple
Favourite Scent: Fresh outdoor air; Freshly unrolled Hay
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Plant: Does Hay count?
Favourite Chemical: Perfluorodecalin 
Favourite Star: Our Star!
Favourite Celebrity: Moo doesn't care about celebrities.
Favourite Gun: Pure Love Gun
Favourite Monkey: StirStir
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: Moo doesn't smoke often.
Favourite Restaurant: A sushi restaurant in Washington called 'Katana' 
Favourite Vacation Destination: Back home on his comfy and tranquil farm.

MooMoo is just a big ol puppy dog. *pat pat*

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