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[MERGED PR] Adjust Equipment Power Utilization
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About the PR
Chem Dispensers - Minor power usage every time a reagent is dispensed.
Chem Heater - Uses power high power active and low passive power.
Test Fixtures (Pitching Machine, Impact Pad, Electro Box....) - Use power when active
<s>Solar Panels - Use minimal amount of power when rotating</s>
Recharge Station - Uses power scaled on occupancy
Computers - Adjust power usage to scale with object setting instead of constant 250.
Rechargers - Pulls power based on power_usage
Conveyers - Pull power when active

Plantpots - Minimal power draw and required power for UI and signal usage. [**balance**]
UV Grow Lamp - Medium power draw and requires power to be active. [**balance**]

Adds admin debug menu to examining power utilization per area. Shows a list of all machinery that have a power_usage value and lists all use_power() done in previous power_net cycle. Offers JMP and Varedit for each item.

Why's this needed?
Spreads power usage throughout the station instead of it being limited to a few departments. Trying to leverage existing power usage.

[Image: 123045184-72946f00-d3af-11eb-8baf-f9e30a4cc69c.png]


(*)UV Lamps now requires power.  Plantpots display will only update when power is available.
(+)Updated passive power usage for various machinery.

pizza and power? did you mix something up?
That is/was the default changelog entry except for me updating the author. Pizza Pizza

Hmm... Pizza Power For Science!
How will that affect areas that don't have power like the Russian ship?
(06-22-2021, 11:14 PM)Brixx79 Wrote: How will that affect areas that don't have power like the Russian ship?

They do have power.

Power is on a per-area basis and space, by default, is fully powered.

Edit: one very easy way to prove this is to realize that the gardengear vendor still works on the russian ship despite the lack of an APC
Space has power. The more you know~
Just add minisolars to space stuff like the russian ship. Problem solved

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