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[MERGED PR] Adjust Solar Scaling to match legacy behavior
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About the PR
Adjust solars scaling by 1/8.25 to match pre #743 as change to task rate was not accounted for in power output. Most other devices were not impacted as the default tier was adjusted as well causing the rate for an arbitrary piece of machinery to being processed every 3.3 seconds to 3.2 seconds.

This should take solar output to match behavior from 2016-2020.

Why's this needed?
Introduction of processing buckets to machinery allowed solars to be run less often and then scale appropriately as if it were running at full speed. #743 made larges changes by adding a new bucket but also allowing machinery to run faster than the previous 3.3 second rate. The adjustment from 3.3 to 0.4 second rate was not accounted for.
Maybe people will stop complaining so much about solars so much.


(+)Reduced power output from solar panels.

If you think people are complaining now, wait until they only produce 12% as much power
I thought the complaining was about solars easy powering the station?

Not surprised that solars are brought back in line, don't really have an opinion on it because of that. I hope you didn't take my joking on github as needing to make a feedback thread though ^^;
Having solars make up for nearly all the stations power defeats the purpose of the engine. Good change
Might be rough for lowpop rp but sure

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