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[MERGED PR] Slot machines directly use bank account balance
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[QoL] [input-wanted]

About the PR
Slot machines now directly use a player's bank account similar to vending machines. The withdraw to card and deposit from card functions are removed from the ATM as they were only used for slot machines. To maintain account security, slot machines now ask for a PIN before allowing play.

The slot machine UI now has the player cash in some amount from their account before play and cash out after play. Removing the card also cashes out all funds. This prevents someone with bank access from pulling someone's winnings while they are still playing.

[Image: 124371906-865b9300-dc43-11eb-8f37-b2777680f6c3.png]

Why's this needed?
Having two digital currencies is unintuitive and difficult for new players to learn. The withdraw to card feature is only used for slots and seems out of place with every other device using bank account funds.


(+)Slot machines use bank account funds.
(+)ATMs no longer withdraw to and deposit from ID cards.

Yes, please, this is so dumb and confusing.
It never occurred to me that the withdraw and deposit to card functions were only ever used for slot machines... Good change.
To address the issue of embezzlement, I have a few ideas

1. Have the slot machines only pay out in cash
2. Have a cash in/cash out mechanic
  • Cash in by swiping card, entering pin, then selecting an amount to digitally transfer to the machine from the account
  • Play from the pool you deposited, winnings are added to pool
  • When you're ready to quit, cash out by once again entering your pin, and then having the current pool amount dumped into your account
Maybe bank accounts could track transfers with the name on the ID used to access the bank records so you'd know who to blame.  Or frame.
Deposit to card is weird. Don't really get why its a thing. Just make it so there are only two ways of payment, Cash or Card.
God yes, directly from account will save us trips to the ATM to start using up our college funds

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