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Cloaking field generator improvement
I'd like if the cloaking field generator came with a pair of goggles that let the wearer see through the field, so that you could more easily use it to your advantage. Currently I only see it used for mechanic deathtraps (or plopped somewhere random on spy rounds), and hopefully this would move the functionality from "Make an area pretty much impossible to operate in" to "Cloak an area from everyone but yourself". I assume thermal goggles can see people through cloaks anyways, so there would be some counterplay to it.

(probably not going to happen because aaaaaa sightcode, but the item is pretty much never used outside of crusher traps. and that's sad.)
Nah cloak field is wicked nuts with a few crushers or deathtraps around it, that's basically it's purpose I think. I had someone on rp just print a ton and cloak half the station and it was hellish
Cloaker fields work really great with wrestler belts and If you want to attack people passing by it, use special attacks instead of trying to click them.
I feel like this would just make it easier for it to be used for crusher/teletrap shenanigans because the person making it would no longer have to remember where they are.

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