DisturbHerb's (Rupert Wilde) HoS Application
Usual character name: Rupert L. Wilde, Jennifer Ram Dodge, ADVISOR, Light/Heavy Onion
BYOND username: DisturbHerb
Discord username (if you are on our discord): DisturbHerb#8888
Recommended by (if applicable): nefarious6th, Arahimine, Jan.antilles
Goon servers you play: RP1, sometimes RPO, rarely Goon2 (I started writing this in 2020. Good god. I mean Morty and Sylvester as well as some Heisenbee.)

Reason for application: The job of Security demands discipline and a fair, just hand in dealing with station affairs. Not only that, a Security team that is excellent at using the radios to great effect is, without question, one without equal. Such a thing is rarely ever done without a strong, level-headed leader to encourage that. Having played enough Security roles to both become a Sec main and promptly disavow ever playing Sec again, I think I have a shot at being half-decent.

I'm usually most active whenever it's the evening or weekends in AEST, so, we'll finally have more than just Walp on the HoS whitelist (We're also in the same city, neat!). This also meant that my HoS Friday whitelist would end at... Saturday 2/3PM! (I hate DST.) This long-standing frustration has finally pushed me over the edge.

People also kept nudging me to apply, so, I'll do it, nerds.

Security experience (300 word minimum): I've played... far too much Sec for the average human being to handle. I started playing as Sec in the latter half of 2020, and I have many people to thank for helping me get intimate with the ins and outs of Security. More than that, I've also had experience in every role (including HoS and NTSO because mentor) that Sec had to offer and it's surprisingly fun and refreshing in the general atmosphere of RP. By no means am I a particularly great or notable Sec officer to begin with, but I like to believe that my judgment and leadership skills allow me to play these roles without making too many people angry or disappointed.

For most of my Sec shifts, I usually play as either Rupert or Jennifer despite both of their characters being wholely unsuited to having Security roles. I usually pick the suppression loadout (SMG go brrrrrrr) and either plonk my butt onto an office chair and act as dispatch for the round or I'll go out and about to chat with the station's crew, maybe poke my head into a department to check up on whatever nefarious things they're up to. Above all else, I'll have a pot of coffee ready for my fellow officers. Can't catch crime without caffeine. If I end up being the station's Detective, I keep meticulous notes on evidence and witness testimony should I ever need to do that, and I try to make sure I don't overstep my area of responsibility.

When the [LEGALLY DISTINCT NON-SHIT SUBSTANCE] hits the fan, I try my best to step up and offer leadership and guidance for the rest of my team. I quite often am also the one advocating for restraint from my fellow Security Officers - both in peaceful and rough times - because you don't need to baton someone five times to keep them down and cuff them. In fact, most shifts, I don't even fire a shot or use my defensive weapons once. Whether or not this is due to inaction on my part or if it is really my restraint is debatable. 

What advice would you give to other sec players?: Don't be a jerk. It's far more interesting for you and the station if you're kind to the crew you're meant to protect as well as the antagonists (within reason, obviously, don't let things like this stop you from being tough on people who are actively ruining the round). Go talk to people on patrols, play along with the clown's silly jokes, don't put someone into the brig for 10 minutes for slipping you, maybe allow small items of contraband such as poison bottles slip through a search if they haven't committed any horrifically major crimes, etc. etc. We're here to have a good time, so you oughta make sure that others are too.

Use your radios (Or any other long-range department-wide communications device). Please, please, please use them. Bringing someone into Security for slapping the clown with a fold-up chair? Tell the rest of the department that you're bringing someone in. Sentencing someone? Announce the sentence over the radio. Wanna figure out what's going on? Reeeead... the radio, yes. Your radio/PDA/carrier pigeon is, more often than not, far more useful and impactful than your taser. Being able to communicate with the other members of your team is absolutely vital. It's great for making sure the rest of Sec is on the same page as you, and, more importantly, that the rest of Sec is on board with what you're doing.

Be reasonable! Sure, you might've just snatched up someone for stabbing the barber to death over a bad haircut, but that's no reason to keep someone in the brig for an hour. I generally suggest sticking to your gut over Space Law (Seriously, 15 minute brig times??) but you should keep in mind that the maximum punishment that isn't either death or cyborgification is 5 minutes in the brig. Unless you and the accused both want to have a legal hearing over their sentence, there's no reason to keep someone in the brig for too long. This includes the time it takes to process them, so, if you can, dock that time from their sentence.

Look out for your fellow officers. Some of them will be nice and lovely people to patrol with, and it's great to have backup that won't actively drive you nuts. However! Should you have some real bad eggs on the team - maybe they're spacing people for littering in the halls, maybe they've just called you a stuck-up shit HoS for not brigging the clown permanently after being pie'd - you should also stand firm and get rid of them! One bad officer spoils the bunch and you should be willing to step up and drag them out, kicking and screaming, to the HoP office for demotion.

Above all else: do not trust me implicitly; I am an idiot. I'm human, just like the rest of us. If I make bad decisions as Sec, call it out! Please.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?: I want to be able to enter in a person's sentencing details with the brig timer which would then be PDA'd to the rest of Sec. So, for instance, you book someone in for 3:00 for assault, you'd write "Attacked so-and-so with a baseball bat, expressed remorse." and the Sec PDA group would receive that as well as the time they were sentenced for. I've seen it elsewhere, and it's really neat. I likey. 

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.: Being part of a security team is, frankly, awesome. You've got tons of people to watch your back; both literally and figuratively. You can ask your fellow officers for help and advice and you won't have to throw out all the excess coffee and donuts at the end of the shift. When I'm on a Security team that's pretty packed, I make sure to get everyone to use their radios and help co-ordinate their actions. It also lets the team spread out the workload; I can go off and fraternise with the crew and get to know them better and to avoid them from seeing Security as the bad guy.

Solo-sec is absolutely different. I usually *have* to be far more vigilant about crime and antagonists, seeing as there's most likely nobody else coming to help me out if I or the station get into trouble. This usually means I am sorta tough on letting the little crimes like petty theft go unanswered, but I try my best to not be unduly harsh. Though, on the RP servers, being the only Security officer isn't so terrible. It usually means that the antagonists will scale down the scope of their antics to go easy on you. Regardless of how many people are on Sec, it's always good to be kind to the bad guys. Until they stop being kind.

Draw a picture!: okay sure
[Image: AlCspZv.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Multiple self-requested bans. I am a good boy, I promise.
Yes! I have only good experiences with you on sec. You're always ontop of it, and willing to RP. Definite +1
i havent played sec alongside herb much, but i have spent some time observing him during his hos and ntso rounds. v good rper, seems to have a good grasp of how to lead and address antags accordingly. +1
Yeah, I'd trust you to do a good job! +1
Consistently great at Security, always tries to talk first if possible. Great at processing detainees, great at allowing and helping move RP along, but not afraid to stop rampagers. Always happy to see them on Security and glad to know they'll be taking some weight off my shoulders when I roll HoS.

+1 for sure.
Very positive person to be around during a round. i trust them in a leadership position.

i have seen herb when im sec and when im antag and they handle things great and try to rp and make the shift fun they communicate well and are fun to talk to, they treat antags and crew well and are fair with processing,
overall i feel they would be good friendly hos, and that they would improve the shift!

I support this application due to the illustration.
All right, I've waited long enough to respond to this application. I know my feedback may mean less to some people because DisturbHerb is a good friend of mine, but I don't call people my good friend without reason, and I wouldn't recommend everyone I consider a good friend for HoS. It's not a role that everyone enjoys or can do well, but I think Herb will do a fantastic job. He's thoughtful, doesn't take himself too seriously, is conscientious about making sure everyone has fun, and communicates well and frequently with his Security team. I've played with him as Sec from the perspective of a SecAss, a SecOff, a HoS, and almost every flavor of antag, and he's solid and responsive, not to mention just fun.

Very easy +1 from me.

And since this is Herb, I made paperwork using his template and wrote it in character.

[Image: JH8AbiK.jpg]
[Image: qGKoIAd.jpg]
I didn't really play too much with Herb, but for when I was around on RP they were pretty good as NTSO n Sec. +1 from this retired beret.
Had a chance to play with Herb a little while ago and had a great time. Smart and considerate of other players fun. +1
I've both observed and played with Herb while they were playing sec on many occasions and I think they'd be absolutely great as a HoS. Always deals with problems in a fun way and is an excellent roleplayer, knows how to make in-character conflict fun for everyone involved.
Was very nice and is a good/fair security roleplayer the few times I've seen them, 'specially in same department. +1

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