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[CLOSED PR] Adds the ak-744 as a rare drop from surplus crates
We are talking about a surplus crate though, which vary between totally useless and completely overpowered. So I don't think it would be out there with nerfs.

I get hesitation over lethal weapons because it is often a dead end for fun and roleplay, a traitor with a chameleon disguiser has a lot more potential than a gun. However, the nature of being a traitor relies on some level being able to resist capture or death at the hands of the crew or sec. Also think there is some blindness to the fact that you can't force players to act in a creative way, even with the current TC lethal items traitors heavily use bombs, poisons, chems and fires because they are usually safer and more effective than a revolver or shotgun.

Totally on board with a need for it to be significantly nerfed first.
I agree with Katzen on this and I don't think something not being intended to be gotten from the crate should stop it from getting added to the crate with a few tweaks.
Actually thought the limitation was due to one handed weapons not disrupting a cloak, so there would be very dangerous surprise attacks with a shotgun or csaber. Turns out this is not true. You can run around with a two handed such as the AK, Old Hunting Rifle, even the RPG just fine.

This changes my thinking on the balance of this a bit, although after a nerf I still wouldn't think this to be any more dangerous for cloak surprise attacks than the OHR, Predator or Derringer. We should probably make the cloak a bit less generous to weapon handling.

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