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Sord: fakey-fake "Ass Day" funtimes
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I made this account specifically to pass along my kudos, but!!!

Earlier today (2021-06-13, afternoon?), on Goon 1, Sord enacted a fun jokey-joke round in response to people inquiring about Assday. Sord arranged for a short (15-minute) round wherein everyone was made an Omnitraitor. I have AI set as my favourite job, and so when I had joined the round as AI I had initially consigned myself to simply watch the chaos unfold... But then I had a Law 0 added ("Overwrites all Laws. Kill! Kill! Kill!" or something) that allowed me and the other borgs to join in on the fun, and I even got free borg shells (with chainsaw add-ons!!) to boot! There were at least six of them!!!

Sord went out of their way to ensure that me and the borg players had a chance to join in on the nonsense without feeling "stuck" by our default Laws. I also want to add that during the chaos that Sord was super communicative! I got several PMs during the chaos to notify me of fun features I had been granted (like chainsaws!!), and Sord even gave me a very kind reminder not to mess around with Arrivals (I hadn't, but I still appreciate how tactfully Sord handled the issue). 

Thank you, Sord. I really appreciate the extra bit of effort that you made for me, the AI player, to have fun during those 15-minutes of chaos. It's Admins like you that make me want to keep coming back to Goonstation. It's really the little things that count! 

queen greater domestic space-bee
Glad you enjoyed it!

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