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johnnyBones banned by adhara
My IRC/Discord Username: [the username you were using at the time of the ban] Coxx#2000
Date and time of the ban: [when it happened, an estimate is okay] 5/13/2021, 9:49
Who banned me: [Write "unknown" if you don't know. We will look it up if that is the case] Adharainspace
Message given in the kick, if present [the message that appears when you are kicked from the channel. If you do not know why you were banned or no message is shown you can write "unknown" here and we will reply with the reason.] Banned from "lying about being from israel/living from israel to spread right wing rhetoric, talking about drug addicts in the lgbtq channel in a weird way. Go find someplace else to spread your shit lol."
Summary of events leading up to the ban: [Describe what happened just before you were banned.  What were you talking about, how were people reacting, stuff like that.  Chatlogs are very helpful here, if they're more than a couple lines, please use pastebin or another similar service and post the link.  Please be as brief as you can while also being thorough.] I was talking in multiple channels, general, ss13-questions help, spaceman-chat, the political discussion one, and the LGBTQIA+ friendly chat. In the main one I was talking about Rimworld moralities, how to make a cold circle, the wars in Israel/Palestine, and the ability of "should you do something to help" or not in the LGBT channel.
Why I should be unbanned: [Here's where you sell us on the idea of lifting the ban.  Please try to keep it brief, but make sure you include all the information you feel would be useful.]

I was told I could reapply one month later. This is, quite exactly, a month later.
Hello. I am aware this is a repost of my previous ban request, but I will be keeping it like that because it has exactly what I wanted to appeal and more specific details then I would be able to remember now. I have made edits accurate to the ban lengths on the format.
Ever since this ban, I have been playing Goon almost every single day, and it really does suck to not be able to go in the discord to ask for questions or congratulate the people I have played with. All of my reasoning stays the same, I still think it's gigantic bullshit that I was even banned in the first place.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I know a lot of trolls target LGBT safehavens. I, very obviously, am not one of them.

To start, I would like to combat the ban reasons.

1. "Lying about being from Israel/living from israel to spread right wing rhetoric."
Awesome! I'm glad someone typed this out without asking me. While I do not want to expose myself too much, I guess I might have to. My father, grandfather, and grandmother were born in Israel. All served in the IDF. I am currently living in Florida for business, but I have four cousins and two aunts/uncles currently residing in Tel Aviv Yafo. I am an American, Swiss, and Israeli Citizen. My family owns the goddamn house there, so yes, I do live in Israel. I can take a picture if you want, but I'd rather not show any private details of mine. I go to the Chabbad of the Grove every Saturday. So that's that. "spread right wing rhetoric." Right wing rhetoric? What in the absolute hell? First of all, I am no right wing. I am a very consistently independent, because I think that assigning people as "wings" is simply in place to seperate the nation. Second of all, I was literally advocating for combatting war! All I said was that "war will lead to immense casualties on all sides, and I truly believe we need some kind of one state/two state solution." I'm not sure how saying that you probably shouldnt go to war as that would lead to absolute hell on Earth is right wing, but so be it. And, just to touch up. Despite the fact that i'm not even right wing, how the hell is that a bannable offense?

Why the hell is there a politics channel where people get banned for voicing different opinions? How the hell is that politics?

2. "Talking about drug addicts in the lgbtq channel in a weird way."
I'm going to quickly assume that this is to imply that I started talking there in order to either make fun or discredit the LGBT. If that's not why, then I can't find a valid reasoning. Here are some of my quotes that I said in there, based off of the top of my head.

"I think that if you do something, and it doesnt hurt anyone but/or yourself, then you should be able to do it." In response to parents not beliving or supporting trans peoples.

Someone promptly responded with: "thats a very good thing to think (or something.)"  Somebody wondered about the morality of letting people hurt themselves, and I said "if I was a crack addict, and you had the opportunity to help me, would you not?"
Thats it. Not even remotely close to being anti LGBT.

And here's the kicker: I'm gay! Now, I know that a lot of people say this in order to combat any rude thing they said (which I did not) and i'm only saying this because I believe I got banned by people thinking I was anti LGBT. It also sounds like "I can say the N-word, i'm black!" with no proof. So here is proof.
Below, I will attach screenshots of me and my friends discussing my sexuality. Dates/ Times will be in their too. Also, my discord name is literally cocks. (Coxx) If that ain't a dead giveaway, then I'm not sure what is.

Usually, when people get banned, they apologize, say they'll never do it again, and plead to be let back. I believe I have done nothing wrong, so I am not apologizing. If you took it the wrong way, i'm sorry, but understand that was not my intention.

Please read this all. I have grown a liking to the people on the discord, and it would be a shame if I left so soon.


If this link doesnt work, let me know.

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