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Lifted Fauerpower banned by ursulamajor
Who banned you?: - ursulamajor
Byond Key: - Fauerpower
Discord Username: - Fauerpower
Date of Ban: - 6/10/21
Specified Reason for Ban: - Force-injecting a bunch of people with nanomachines as a non antagonist
Ban Length: - 3.5 days
What led to the ban?: - [i]Force-injecting a bunch of people with nanomachines as a the Chaplain[/i]
Why am I appealing?: - I was trying to run a "Church of Eternal Metal Life" but not many were willing to assimilate, so near the end of the round I resorted to injecting nanomachines in random people floating around the church.  [i]I wasn't aware that force-borging was against rules, I won't RP a force-borging character again (or anything similar without consent)[/i]
Which rule did you break?: - Rules 1 (no force-borging) Rule 11 (end of round griefing)
Evasion Attempts: - n/a
Sure, lifted.

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