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Mutantraces Law Rework
(Yesterday, 10:51 AM)Ikea Wrote: Quick two rules question, lets say a borg sees a lizard order a surplus crate, this is confirmation that the lizard is a traitor, traitors arent protected under grief rules, is the borg allowed to kill the traitor lizard, it doesnt violate there laws as lizards arent human, nor are antags protected under grief rules. Second question, lets say an antag captain doesnt want to rogue ai and notices one of there assasination targets is not human, so they order the ai to kill that target, iis the ai protected under the rules if they follow the order, will they be punished if they refuse to follow the order, is the captain violating server rules here? Afterall theyre just fulfilling there objectives

Lets see a borg sees a human do something changeling like, this is confirmation that they are changeling and not protected under grief rules. Is the borg allowed to kill the changeling? It doesn't violate the rules as changelings are not human nor are antags protected under grief rules.
See it doesn't really change anything does it?
As for your second example I haven't really seen this happen before. Only example I would think of is the captain telling the AI/borgs to kill a player character monkey.
I think the AI would be protected if the captain tells them to but I don't think the AI is required to harm them. That would make it a great opportunity for the AI/borgs to do some roleplay on if they should follow the captains orders on killing a nonhuman or not. The only way the AI would really be able to kill the nonhuman is if they start bolting them in, shocking the doors, or trying to shoot them with the AI upload lasers. If a borg was going around trying to kill some random player character I think the crew would think the AI is rogue and that would bring them to asking why the AI is doing this and then the AI would tell them the captain ordered it and the captain would be outed. Sounds like a good round to me.

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