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Brig Intake Chute
I'm throwing in my voice against an auto-stripping machine.

I love the stealth storage. There's so much fun tension in trying to sneak something in when you get caught. I've even had a secoff try to use all my items to check for stealth storages. Except they forgot to strip my belt, where I had it, and just checked my bag. That sort of emergent sneakiness could never happen with this machine. Which, I think, would be a loss.

Cuff removal by the exterior chute does sound like a better idea. I've never had a secoff fail to keep me in cuffs by just jostling me every few seconds. I don't think it's a particular issue that there's no time for searches. And if they did, I think it's fair game that I get a chance to escape. It's part of the fun for everyone to have to be wary and look for openings. But something that lets you keep people in cuffs to shove them into a cell seems fair enough.

Aggressive grabs while in cuffs keeping people in place seems fair enough to me, too. If people janking about is a problem that happens. That's just annoying.
I'm not sure where this talk about needing a way to keep people in cuffs still is coming from.  A stage 1 grab is enough to prevent someone in cuffs from moving at all.

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