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[CLOSED PR] Makes it possible to resist out of straightjackets
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About the PR
Makes it possible to resist out of straightjackets with a 90 second actionbar that can be interrupted by moving, being moved, acting, and being stunned (all the same flags as handcuffs and shackles).

Why's this needed?
There's no way to resist out of straightjackets on your own currently; I think every other method of restraining someone has the ability to resist out of it, whether it's handcuffs or the PortABrig, so I think straightjackets should have that ability too.
I think the 90 seconds is accomodating for whatever legitimate uses someone might have for using a straightjacket on someone, but if the agreed decision is that they're too weird to have in the game or that handcuffs and the PortABrig are really meant to be the tools used for that, I'd be open to removing the straightjacket outright.

(u)Asche & Nefarious6th
(+)You can now resist out of a straightjacket by pressing resist and holding very still for 90 seconds.

This timer is much too low imo. I never particularly saw a problem with having straightjackets unable to be removed like being abused by greifers or something, and just saw them as the vastly superior option to cuffing. Since there are usually only ever 2 on the station, and harder to put on people than cuffs.

The lowest I'd want to go on straight jackets is like 3 minute resist. Even then, I'd prefer like 4 or 5.

Also, change that changelog entry, you can change the resist keybind, there's no reason to say "press z", just say you can resist out of it like handcuffs.
90 seconds is a reasonably long time, but not long enough for me to leave the room to do a thing then come back. My gut reaction to seeing this was "okay, just means I'll kill people instead of capturing them". Handcuffs fill the niche of "attended restraint" well, straightjackets are for "unattended restraint", imo.
I feel everyone knows just how much it sucks to have strait-jackets on in the game, and thus generally try to avoid putting people in them. Due to this, the fact that they're one of the few ways to non-lethally deal with griefers (who themselves are unlikely to know their location), that they're also the only thing that can restrain someone who can escape handcuffs, and that they're probably the most rare thing in the game, I'm not sure this is entirely necessary.

That and, as Mordent mentioned, "I can't reliably keep you restrained while I go off to do something else? Guess this gimmick isn't happening then. Goodbye for the round."
Some people will not cooperate under any circumstances and force you to straitjacket them or kill them. I prefer having the option.
There are only what two? Three? of these jackets on the station at any time. There is no way of making or getting more yes? I dont really mind them being impossible to get out of if they arent being abused. Are they? Either way they should have a very long resist timer.
I like Dim's idea of causing brute damage. Self-removal could be a multistage process so you could make progress between visits but also can't resist, go the the bathroom, check socials, come back and CRIME.
We discussed this basically since this post was made in admin chat. This is the sort of compromise that I came up with that recieved modest support. It involves cuffs as well since both cuffs and jackets are restraints and inexorably tied together.

I'll mirror on the pr in changes requested. I might just do this tonight or tomorrow if I have time and the author of this pr doesn't want to make said changes.
Ok, I'm gonna list all the things that I've heard/said that sound amenable to me that I think will work well in conjunction.
- let aggressive grabs or pins stop handcuffs from resisting.
- make bucklecuff resisting a visible progress bar.(maybe make punches stop bucklecuff resisting)
- straightjackets have have a long timer where they can thrash about and move and hurt themselves trying to escape. Only stuns or pins will stop the progress bar. The bar is visible.
Question: Are shackles still in the game? If so make Jackets, cuffs and shackles used together unescapable.
Shackles are still in, yeah
Idk, if I am ever put in an inescapable thing I would probably just suicide and go play on another server or spectate. there is no fun in it.

We clearly need a dislocated limb status effect
I am against the first 2 ideas, keeping people still for long periods of time isn't something that should be easy and encouraging sec to keep prisoner from escaping a bucklecuff by hitting them is just bad, the visible progress bar thing is ok though.

Edit: I messed up the quote but this is supposed to be a reply to Kyle's post
Straitjackets in my experience have only been used on me for torture rp where people hacked my limbs off to eat them. Make them reskinned, longer timer cuffs that Medical can access.
Personally, i think having quicker timers would be nice. Straight jackets should be a lot harder to get out of than cuffs though. But getting out of cuffs is such a royal pain in the ass, cause if you interact with anything or move at all, it fully resets and it takes roughly 50 seconds to get out of them with no interactions once it starts, which isn't terribly fun. Having the brute damage to force it off, or just having cuffs not be interrupted 24/7 by everything would be nice. As for straight jackets, maybe have them have some interaction with sharp objects or glass shards on the ground? Not really sure, but i feel like they should be a lot harder to get out of since they're very limited.

We could also just relax the restrictions for being cuffed and let you use more antag abilities, or just general things that could be done clumsily without hands. It's not very hard to cuff anybody, especially since sec start with a unique trait that gives them a much faster cuff time and access to many ways to stun somebody for max stun time. Once you're cuffed and dragged, you don't get a say in anything, and that can continue for the entire round if you're constantly moved.

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