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Fake cleaner grenades
After messing with fake cleaner grenades they don't exactly work like I expected. Here's the wiki description:

Quote:These may look like the janitor's regular cleaning grenades, but include space lube and fluorosulfuric acid as well. The former slips up anybody trying to move on the foam (and lingers for a while afterwards), while the latter melts items and horribly burns the victims.

The damage stacks for every foamed tile you step on, even while slipping on the lube. Taking a slide across the entire foam puddle will hurt.

This is not really how it works:

  1. The foam is clearly different to regular cleaning grenades. Anyone with experience will avoid bright blue foam.
  2. Foam is totally safe to walk or lay in and roll over. Only slipping causes acid effects.
  3. The chance to melt your hat and mask when slipping is a pretty low 20%.
  4. The tiles are only lubed after the foam disappears. Foam does not cause you to slide. 
  5. Similarly, any items dropped only melt when the foam disappears. Weirdly this also rolls to melt your hat/mask if you are standing in it.
  6. Sliding across a foam puddle does not do anything. You will not be affected by the acid at all.
So what happens is a foam puddle forms that will slip running people for about 2~ seconds knockdown with a 20% chance to melt their hat/mask and make them absorb 10 pacid (which foam code seems to add 5 directly to your reagents and apply 5 via touch). If you stumble around in it you will pick up 30 acid (capped in the foam code), enough to crit in about a minute and kill after two~ minutes.

The current foam slipping doesn't seem like a bad behaviour, it keeps players in the puddle which is decent rather than them just sliding out of it. However the item is currently pretty limited against experienced players who will just walk through it.
Sliding through foam feels like it should trigger touch, however that is big change to foam that could cause balance issues although it could still use the 30 reagent cap.
Similarly the foam not affecting items until the end feels wrong but would be another big change to foam.

zjdtmkhzt suggested at swapping the space lube for organic super lube. I think this would be a good change as you slip with twice the energy, are knocked down for twice as long and take up to 10 more brute damage. This is much more traitor-y but has the big downside of slipping janitor galoshes.
Whoops, this might be one of those "an item so old that more recent changes have been a detriment to it" kinda situations.
Yes, honestly, the way foam works has bothered me for a long time, where it rarely applies touch and often only does the effect when it disappears, which seems very weird? And with the duration of foam, basically anyone could walk out before it ends, unless they are in a confined area like the escape shuttle.

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