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Squid Limbs
[Image: ZtLbZzl.png]

[Image: LIJxDBi.png]

(Front set, arms and right leg facing left, left leg facing left, back set)

Squid limbs! I want to octodad around the station.

Ideas for squid limbs:
  • Can be gained as a partial mutation (I touched this radioactive thing and now one of my arms is a tentacle!), and could come with the squidman mutantrace.
  • Squid legs would preclude shoes of any kind. You would move slower than normal but make no noise, and you wouldn't be able to be knocked over.
  • Squid arms would give you clown-style clumsiness, but you would be harder to disarm and your grapples would work better. Punching would be weakened and could make a funny wet slap sound.
  • No gloves if you have squid arms.
  • Someone had the idea that maybe squid arms could pick things up from one tile away.
Full-body suits (IE space suits) should be allowed if they can toggle visibility on the legs. We would need a couple more sprites, such as burning overlays and a few other things.
I like the arms a lot, the legs confuse my brain though. Looks like they are standing on purple crystals.

I also like the idea of squidlegs being treadlike and the preclusion of gloves and shoes but im not sure if tentacles being able to pick up things from two tiles away is a great idea, might be kind of janky in unexpected ways
I'd be interested in making clothing sprites for these in a future date. As I'm already doing something very similar for monkeys. Throw me an @ on gooncord later. I'm highly intrigued.
These should work with most normal clothing, since you can't wear shoes or gloves and space suits should(?) hide them, but there might be some issues I haven't thought of.

If anyone wants to try editing the leg tentacles to make them look a little clearer then be my guest, IMO they look better in the side view than front/back.
Fiddled around with unique suit sprites for them. Could be neat.

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
(06-08-2021, 09:05 AM)ThePooba Wrote: I like the arms a lot, the legs confuse my brain though. Looks like they are standing on purple crystals.

I feel the same way. They're also very wide. Would love to see it squeezed in a bit on the north and south views. Sides look alright to me
Side view looks great! But legs from the front are a bit too messy I think. Could use higher definition at the cost of fewer tentacles, like the side view legs do.

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