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Ocean themed random antag critter replacements for water maps
A few random antag critter replacements i came up with for water maps.

Fire Elemental is turned into Water elemental. [obviously] has water themed attacks, with a pressure wash ability that sends people flying and deals brute damage, the ability to turn into a ball of water and create puddles, a high speed water ball that sends people (and walls) flying backward, having a chance to dismember, and a water pellet that causes slight brute damage and makes a puddle. Upon death, drops 'water essence' that gives you anaerobic metabolism.

Spiders are turned into spider crabs. No differences between regular spiders, really just a change to how it looks and sounds. Not accurate to real spider crabs at all! Wraps people up in coral, drops coral.

Gunbots are turned into Over-Sized Bobbit worms. Can bite peoples limbs off and break through windows. Upon death, drops a bobbit worm tooth, which is a decently high damage melee weapon that causes nasty bleeding. Other antag critters remain the same.
Sounds fun, perhaps even with a new trench prefab or adventure zone area to re-use the sprites. Ideally we'd get something more than a resprite, but I'm absolutely in favour of getting a wider variety in terms of antag cirtters
Mosquitoes could just be resprited into leeches which can squirm through doors and hide under tables and latch onto people to slurp on their blood.
I support anything that potentially lets me slorp around as an octopus on land.
(06-12-2021, 02:58 PM)Love Wrote: I support anything that potentially lets me slorp around as an octopus on land.

But what if you could do the octodad and be an octopus pretending to be human?

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